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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Loves glorious Conquest.
The Harmony of true Content.
Wherein is shewn the unexpressible Joy and Delight of two faithful Lovers, who having
passed many storms of troubles and misfortunes, at last arrived to the Haven of their
desired felicity, (the fruition of each others love) to their unspeakable content.
Oft did Phillis sigh and languish,
And her Soul opprest with anguish,
She could discover no relief;
As she her thoughts was thus beguiling
Came her gentle Lover smiling,
And eased her of all her grief.
The residue of their time is spent
In pleasant Joy and sweet Content
Tune of, My Lov[er] is on the brackish Sea .

A Dieu to grief and discontent,
and to these blubber'd eyes,
Before my youthful dayes were spent,
my torment did arise.
I sigh and languish in mine anguish,
my hopes are all cast down;
My faithful Love doth it remove,
and now the Day's mine own.

My heart is overwhelm'd with care,
alas, what can I do?
Whilst I lament unto the air,
my sorrows do renew:
With woe my breast is still opprest,
and joys are tumbled down;
But now I find my love so kind,
the Day it is mine own.

No trouble shall e're possess
or break my heart with care,
But I will live in happiness,
as other Lovers are;
Since at the last I have o'repast
my troubles which are flown,
I'le live in joy eternally,
for now the Day's mine own.

I can't express my daily grief
which doth oppress my mind;
But when my love came with relief,
great comfort I did find;
No sighs nor sobs nor bitter throbs
shall throw my courage down,
Since my true-love doth faithful prove
for now the Day's mine own.

My heart's on fire with desire
my Lover to injoy,
Since to his favour I aspire,
adieu to all annoy:
I will embrace, in comely grace
my love shall then be shown,
Most tenderly I will lye by,
for now the Day's mine own.

The Mans Answer.

M Y hearts delight, both day and night
to thee I'le constant prove,
For I have travel'd far and nigh,
to find my faithful Love;
I many a weary step have trod,
and wander'd up and down;
Kind Heavens gave what I did crave,
and now the Day's our own.

In Storms and Dangers by the Sea,
great perils by the Land,
And all was for the sake of thee,
I was at thy command;
My heart did almost melt away
when once I saw thee frown,
My own dear love doth constant prove,
and now the Day's our own.

My Love and I did live in woe,
for absence of each other,
We sigh't and knew not what to do,
for anguish did us smother;
But we at last have overpast,
the fates that so did frown;
And now we taste what e're shall last,
for now the Day's our own.

Then to the Church these Lovers went
United for to be;
They liv'd in mirth and merriment,
in pomp and gallantry;
His whole delight was in her sight;
she loved him alone;
And with a kiss began their bliss,
for now the Day's their own.

Ye Lovers all a pattern take
by these united hearts,
All quarrelling and fraud forsake,
and take each others parts:
Then as I live all things will thrive
that you can do or say;
With a sweet kiss hide what's amiss,
Then you will win the Day.

Printed for J. Blare at the Looking-glass
on London-Bridge .

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