UCSB Ballad Colloquia

The UCSB Ballad Colloquia consist of a series of year-long informal seminars: occasional guest presentations and meetings as well as more regular, weekly workshops for those engaged in specific aspects of the EBBA project.

For the Huntington Library Conference of April 2014, visit the Living English Broadside Ballads, 1550-1750 page.

For the 2013-2014 Skype lecture series by junior scholars, see Ballad Colloquium 2013-2014.For 2011-2012's special theme year, "Make Your Own Ballad!" see: Ballad Colloquium 2011-2012. For other past lectures and meetings, visit Ballad Colloquium 2010-2011 and Ballad Colloquium 2009-2010.