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The Huntington Library: Miscellaneous Ballads

Aside from the prominent Britwell collection, the Huntington Library in San Marino, CA, houses several other collections that include ballads. We have designated these "Miscellaneous." The Huntington's Bindley collection was once a part of the Luttrell collection, which has been scattered across the globe; ballads can also be found at the Beinecke Library at Yale University; the British Library; the Newberry Library in Chicago; and UCLA's Clark Library. Its Bridgewater collection is part of the Huntington's noted collection of materials from the Egerton family. EBBA has also located and archived several other individual ballads held by the Huntington Library.

Egerton Family

The Bindley collection was originally compiled by Narcissus Luttrell in the seventeenth century; Luttrell is primarily remembered as a Parliamentary chronicler, and the ballads he collected reflect his interest in politics.

The Bridgewater collection originated with Sir Thomas Egerton (c. 1541-1617), and was passed down through the Egerton family into the 20th century. For more detail, see the Egerton Family genealogy to the right (click to enlarge), detailing its owners and their relationships, provided by Stephen Tabor, Curator of Early Printed Books at the Huntington Library.

For more detail, see Tabor's "The Bridgewater Library" in Pre-Nineteenth-Century British Book Collectors and Bibliographers. Ed. William Baker and Kenneth Womack. Detroit: Bruccoli Clark Layman/Gale Group, 1999. 40-50. Print.