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Album Facsimiles

In many cases, the original collectors of our ballads or their current holding institutions pasted them into album books or onto larger sheets of paper. Album facsimiles are digital images created by the EBBA team in Adobe Photoshop from raw TIFFs of these pages.

For collections where ballads have been pasted into volumes, such as the Roxburge Collection, our album facsimiles show the facing pages separated by a small margin. We thus provide an approximation of the experience of looking at the album books as if they lay open in a viewer's home library. Often, collectors cut ballads in half, pasting each half onto an individual album page. More rarely, parts of two separate ballads have been pasted onto the facing pages of an album book; in such cases, we nonetheless provide an image showing both pages (the separate EBBA IDs of such ballads are noted on the citation page).

Roxburghe 1.520-521 Album Facsimile

Sample Album Facsimile of EBBA 30348, "The Good-fellowes Advice"

Not all ballads were collected into albums, and so not all searches will call up an album facsimile image. Some ballads are unbound but pasted onto backing paper, as is the case for the Euing ballads. Still others are unbound, unbacked loose sheets. For example, most of the ballads in the Houghton Collections are unbound loose sheets. For such ballads, there is no album facsimile view available.