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Additional Funding

The NEH grants have been generously co-supported by UCSB's Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts and Executive Dean of the College of Letters and Science, Executive Vice-Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Research, the Graduate Division, the Office of Research, the Undergraduate Division, the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, and the English Department.

EBBA received funding support from the Huntington Library for the "Living English Broadside Ballads" conference, held in April 2014.

Director Patricia Fumerton won an Academic Faculty Research Grant for 2014-2015, an award put towards archiving the ballads at Yale University's Beinecke Library, which will be included in our next grant proposal to the NEH.

Patricia Fumerton won a Faculty Research Grant to bolster NEH 3. In addition, the third and fourth phases of EBBA, which NEH 3 and 4 funded, received additional external support from EBBA's collaborators—the University of Texas at Dallas and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

In 2008, EBBA won an Instructional Improvement Grant to support the NEH's second grant to the archive and to build upon the early success of the ballad project.

In December 2004, EBBA successfully won funding from the University of California Humanities Research Institute for a two-day conference, which built upon the work of EBBA, and which was held on February 24-25, 2006, titled “Straws in the Wind: Ballads and Broadsides, 1500-1800.”

Finally, EBBA participates in and has received important funding from the Making Publics project centered at McGill University, in Montreal, via UCSB co-collaborators in the Making Publics project, the late Richard Helgerson and Patricia Fumerton.