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Musical Transcriptions

Since full appreciation of the tune is crucial to the ballad experience, EBBA has expanded its music resources by including transcriptions of the first stanza of a recording in our soon-to-be-launched "Music Transcriptions," created by EBBA’s music specialist, Erik Bell. For our musical transcriptions, the transcribed notation is shown with text underlay in a way that matches syllables to notes, slurs, pauses, etc. Using the open-source Verovio program, Bell and his team generate MEI data that creates a MIDI sound output of the music-text transcription, wherein each sung word lights up together with the note sung so that the user can more easily follow along. This audio is also slowed down for easier user comprehension. This feature will undoubtably allow users to better visually and aurally understand how notes align with text, and vice versa. An example of this feature is available for EBBA 30184, "A most godly and comfortable Ballad of the glorious Resurrection of our Lord Iesus Christ," sung to the popular tune of "Rogero."

We will also plan to provide modern transcriptions of the source music, again playable in MIDI; users may thus see and hear the difference between the tune in the abstract and as it must be adapted to an individual text (and vice versa). We will furthermore expose the MEI encoding of all the musical transcriptions to make evident strong and weak stresses. Such an interactive set of tools will expand accessibility to ballad tunes for experts and non-experts alike in a way that breaks new ground in music appreciation.