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EBBA 21226

Magdalene College - Pepys
Recording Information
Ballad Title Loves glorious Conquest. / OR, / The Harmony of true Content. / Wherein is shewn the unexpressible Joy and Delight of two faithful Lovers, who having / passed many storms of troubles and misfortunes, at last arrived to the Haven of their / desired felicity, (the fruition of each others love) to their unspeakable content. / Oft did Phillis sigh and languish, / And her Soul opprest with anguish, / She could discover no relief; / As she her thoughts was thus beguiling / Came her gentle Lover smiling, / And eased her of all her grief. / The residue of their time is spent / In pleasant Joy and sweet Content
Tune Imprint Tune of, My Lover is on the brackish Sea.
Standard Tune Title Jenny Gin
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