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EBBA 30979

British Library - Roxburghe
Ballad XSLT Template
A pretty new Dity:
A young Lasses Resolution, As her minde I truely scan,
Who shewes in conclusion, She loves a handsome young man.
To the tune of I know what I know,

YOu Maids and young men,
I pray you give eare,
And with hand and pen,
Ile plainely declare,
Of a Maids resolution,
which to love is won,
And in the conclusion,
Shell have a handsome young man.

Quoth she, I am young,
and now in my prime,
Though some stay too long,
yet Ile lose no time,
I will have some pleasure
as soone as I can,
What care I for treasure.
Ile have a handsome young man.

Some Maidens are coy,
and strange in their carriage,
And scorne to enjoy,
a neat young man in marriage:
Some wed for money,
and some wed for Land,
But Ile chuse a honey,
shall be a handsome young man.

I have knowne some Mayds,
that have denyed men,
And afterwards glad
to obtaine them agen:
They will not, and will,
thus will they withstand,
But Ile use my skill,
to have a handsome young man.

Some happily will
conjecture of me,
That I desire still
to live wantonly:
No I am a Lasse sure,
that live unwedded can,
And much will endure
for a handsome young man.

I would have you know,
that I am not so base,
Nor shall our sexe so
by me have disgrace:
No, I have some treasure,
beside house and Land,
Therefore Ile take pleasure
with a handsome young man.

The man that Ile chuse,
shall be of good size,
Yet Ile none refuse
if that he be wise:
With handsome complexion,
neat foot, leg, and hand,
This is my affection,
to have such a man.

If I wed a foole,
with great store of treasure,
Then heel pine and whule,
and debarre me of pleasure:
Heel tell me of fine Gownes,
Kertles, Maske and Fan,
For a thousand pounds
Ile not wed such a man

The second part, To the same tune.

ANd further then that,
If I wed with a clowne,
Heel answer me What,
and with anger will frowne:
Then must I beware,
perchance with his hand,
Heel strike me oth eare;
but Ile have no such man.

And many there are,
that are somewhat jealous,
But Ile have a care,
and match no such fellowes,
Their wives neere to men,
must not sit nor stand,
But their heads ake then,
oh hang up such a man.

Loe thus I have showne,
the conditions of some,
But none can be knowne,
till to tryall they come:
And I am inclined
as soone as I can,
For to be joyned,
with a handsome young man.

Some Maydens doe chuse,
for to have Tradesmen.
And some will refuse
them as much agen:
But for my owne part,
as at first I began.
I love with my heart
a handsome young man.

Let him be a Tailor,
or a neat Shoo-maker,
A Weaver or Glover,
a Brewer or Baker:
Be he neat or comely
my love is soone won,
For my minde is onely,
of a handsome young man.

If that he be gallant,
or meane in apparell,
If his lookes be valiant,
to maintaine his quarrell,
Then shall he be welcome
unto pretty Nan,
For I am delightsome
to a handsome young man.

I passe not what name,
he is called by,
If that I can frame,
to love him truely,
Either Dicke or Robin,
Humphery, Will, or John,
Any one me shall win,
thats a handsome yong man.

And thus I conclude,
and here end my Song,
Let none thinke me rude,
nor large of my tongue:
For I am intended,
as first I began,
Then let me be friended,
with a hansome young man.

Imprinted at London for H.G.

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