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British Library - Roxburghe
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The Ladyes Vindication:
The Womens Answer,
Your humble Servant Madame.
To the same Tune.

THe City has,
No Knave so base,
In all the Stock of Free-men;
Thou art a Rogue,
And dost Collogue,
To cousen simple Women;
You will follow on your Trade,
Till some Lady gets a Blade,
That in rage shall run thee through;
Then the World will bid adieu,
To your Comple[m]ent and you,
For a Saucie Raskall Sirrrah.

You weare the Scarrs,
Of Venus Warrs,
but nere saw bolder Battle,
Unlesse it were,
To Domineere,
and Plunder Plow-mens Cattle:

Though you think you live alone,
You are infamously known,
in City, Town and Borrough;
With your Complements and Oaths,
You get Meat and Drink and Cloaths,
Like a cheating Raskall Sirrah.

Should you rely,
On Honesty,
your Chopps would quickly starve ont
Such Knaves as you,
Makes Princes rue,
for keeping such a Servant;
Though you have a Place at Court,
Twill not hide your ill Report;
you are fain to begg and borrow,
Beet of Women or of Men,
You do never payt agen,
Like a cheating Raskall Sirrah.

The second part, to the same Tune.

YOur Complement,
In vain is spent.
the Ladies all are sick ont;
Your flattring Trade,
Will quickly fade,
for Women have found the trick ont
Wheresoever you have bin,
You must never come agen,
to Plow, nor yet to Harrow;
They shall put you to disgrace,
And will tell you to your face.
Your a saucie Raskall Sirrah.

Each Royalist.
Doth bend his Fist,
and vowes he means to beat ye;
The Russian Swears,
Hel send for Beares,
to teare, torment, and eat ye:
You are grown a very shame,
To the Nature and the Name,
of the Womb that thou slippst thorrough
If you come but in their way,
Every Kitchen-wench will say,
Your a saucie Raskall Sirrah.

Both Maids and Wives,
That lead good Lives,
do all resolve to hang thee,
And Squire Dun Vows,
Heel by a Noose,
at his own charge to hang thee:

If you do not bring the Rings,
And the other pretty Things,
that your flattering tongue did borrow,
They will have you by the Bones,
And will batter you with Stones.
For a cheating Raskall Sirrah.

Those Women that,
You have been at,
detestably abhorr ye,
And never a Whore,
Though old and poore,
will give a Turnupp for ye:
If you could be made a Knight,
Youl not get a penny byt,
your Wit is grown too narrow;
You will pittyfully Fade,
Every Taylor hath your Trade,
Your a simple Coxcombe Sirrah.

The Divell and you,
Have made a vow,
and laid your heads together,
How to Trappan,
Each weak Woman,
with powdered Hair and Feather:
Twas the Divell at the first,
Made the Woman be accurst,
and caused all her sorrow,
Which hath made us all to rue,
Such another Divell are you,
And a Cheating Raskall Sirrah. Finis.

London, Printed for William Gilbertson dwelling at the Bible in Giltspurstreet.1662.

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