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British Library - Roxburghe
Ballad XSLT Template
Phillida flouts me.
Country Lovers Complaint.
Who seeks by all means for to win his Love,
But she doth scorn him, and disdainful prove;
Which makes him for to sigh, lament and cry,
He fears for Phillida, that he shall dye.
To a pleasant Tune, Or, Phillida flouts me.

O What a Plague is Love,
how shall I bear it?
She will unconstant prove,
I greatly fear it:
It so torments my mind,
that my strength faileth,
She wavers with the wind,
as the ship saileth,
Please her the best you may,
She looks another way,
Alas and well a day,
Phillida Flouts me.

At the Fair, yesterday,
she did pass by me,
She lookt another way,
and would not spy me.
I wood her for to dine,
I could not get her,
Dick had her to the wine
he might intreat her,
With Daniel she did dance
On me she would not glance
O thrice unhappy chance,
Philida Flouts me.

Fair maid be not so coy,
do not disdain me.
I am thy Mothers boy
sweet entertain me.
Sheel give me when she dies
all things thats fitting,
Her Poultry and her Bees,
and her Geese sitting.
A pair of Mallerds beds
A barrel ful of Shreds
And yet for all these goods
Phillida Flouts me.

The second part, to the same Tune.

THou shalt eat curds & cream
all the year lasting,
And drink the Chrystal stream
pleasant in tasting,
Wig & whey till thou burst
and bramble Berries:
Pye-lid and Pasty crust
Pears Plums and Cherries
Thy Garment shall be thin,
Made of a Wethers skin,
All is not worth a Pin.
Phillida Flouts me.

Cupid hath shot his Dart
and hath me wounded,
It prickt my tender heart,
and ner rebounded:
I was a fool to scorn
his Bow any Quiver,
I am like one forlorn,
sick of a Feaver:
Now I may weep and mourn
whilst with loves flams I burn
Nothing will serve my turn,
Phillida Flouts me.

I am a lively Lad
how ere she take me,
I am not half so bad,
as she would make me.
Whether she smile or frown,
she may deceive me,
Ner a Girl in the Town,
but fain would have me.
Since she doth from me flye,
Now I may sigh and dye,
And never cease to cry
Phillida Flouts me.

In the last moneth of May,
I made her Posies,
I heard her often say,
that she lovd Roses.
Cowslips, and Jilly-flowers,
and the white Lilly,

I brought to deck the bowers,
for my sweet Philly.
But she did all disdain,
And threw them back again,
Therefore its flat and plain,
Phillida Flouts me.

Fair Maiden have a care
and in time take me,
I can have those as fair,
if you forsake me.
For Doll the Dairy Maid
laught at me lately,
And wanton Winifred
favours me greatly.
One cast milk on my cloaths
Tother plaid with my nose,
What wanton toys are those
Phillida Flouts me.

I cannot work and sleep
all at a season,
Grief wounds my heart so deep
without all reason,
I fade and pine away
with grief and sorrow,
I fall quite to decay
like any shaddow,
I shall be dead I fear
within a thousand year
All is for grief and care,
Phillida Flouts me.

She hath a clout of mine
wrought with good Coventry,
Which she keeps for a sign
of my Fidelity.
But in faith if she frown
she shall not wear it,
Ile give it Doll my maid,
and she shall tear it.
Since twill no better be
Ile bear it patiently
Yet all the world may see
Phillida Flouts me.

London, Printed for F. Coles, in Wine-street neer Hatten Garden.

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