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Corydon and Cloris
The Wanton Sheepherdess.
Cloris a pritty Nimph one summers day
By a Brook side under a Willow lay;
It chancd that Corydon did there Espy her,
And took the boldness for to ly down by her:
She blusht, & calld him rude, but still the Swain
Kept close; at last she found words were in vain,
She sighing cryd, ah youth, what dost thou doe?
But what he did, no matter is to you.
He pleasd her well, she after was his wife;
And now they live a happy quiet Life.
To a pleasant Play-house new Tune: Or, Amorett and Phillis.

AS Cloris full of harmless Thought
Beneath the Willows lay,
Kind Love a Comely shepherd brought
To pass the time away;
She blusht to be Encounterd so,
And chid the amorous Swain;
But as she strove to rise and go,
he pulld her back again.

A suddaine passion seizd her heart,
in spight of her disdaine;
She found a Pulse in ery part,
and Love in ery veine:
Ah youth quoth she what charmes are these,
that conquer and surprize?
Ah let me (for unless you please)
I have no power to rise.

She faintly spoke, and trembling lay,
for fear he should comply;
But Virgins Eyes their hearts betray,
and give their Tongues the Lye.
Thus she; who Princes had deny[]d,
with all their Pompous Traine.
Was in the lucky Minute tryd,
and yeilded to the Swaine.

And since the sweets of Love Ive found,
my Bliss Ile nere deny:
Fair Corydon my Joyes shall Crown,
he Loves as well as I:
When Hymen both our hands has Joynd,
ile aske him to forgive,
Because that Virgins are confind
in Chastity to Live.

The Second part to the same Tune.

God Cupid did me over-power,
and made me try too soon;
Fair Croydon in lucky hour
did nip the Bud unblown:
But since hes constant to me still,
who dares of me complain?
No Mortall could withstand his will,
so charming is my Swaine.

The Lovely Phillis did the same
when Strephon came to woo,
She did not think her self in blame:
may not I frollick too?
Loves powers are great I must confess,
and those that nere have tryd,
With Blushes easily may guess
such Joys cant be deny[]d.

Since Corydon Ive made my mate,
I never shall repent:
But bless my timely happy Fate
which brought me this content:
I would not be a maid again
for Joves rich shower of gold:
Whilst other Nimphs sit and complain,
in pleasures I am bold.

We now together sit and sing,
whilst that our flocks do feed:
We hug and kisse like any thing,
he gives me what I need:
The neighbouring Nimphs do Garlands make,
to Crown us happy pair,
Whilst I the choyest pleasures take
with Corydon my Dear.

The Pritty Birds in pleasant Groves
do sweetly chirp and sing:
They seem to Imitate our Loves,
and usher in the Spring:
Fond Amoret I would advise
to use her youthful Time:
Phillis and I, have been more wise,
we tooke it in our Prime.

You Sheepherdesses of this plain,
that hear me sing this Song,
Doe not consume your times in vaine
by living Maids too long:
Such Joyes are in a Marryd Life:
such pleasures do attend;
She that[]s a faithful Shepherds wife,
is happy to


London, Printed for W. Thackeray, T. Passinger, and W. Whitwood.

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