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EBBA 30444

British Library - Roxburghe
Recording Information
Ballad Title Corydon and Cloris / OR, / The Wanton Sheepherdess. / Cloris a pritty Nimph one summers day / By a Brook side under a Willow lay; / It chanc’d that Corydon did there Espy her, / And took the boldness for to ly down by her: / She blusht, & call’d him rude, but still the Swain / Kept close; at last she found words were in vain, / She sighing cry'd, ah youth, what dost thou doe? / But what he did, no matter is to you. / He pleas'd her well, she after was his wife; / And now they live a happy quiet Life.
Tune Imprint To a pleasant Play-house new Tune: Or, Amorett and Phillis.
Standard Tune Title Hey, Boys, Up Go We
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