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EBBA 30003

Magdalene College - Pepys
Ballad XSLT Template
The Unconstant Maiden,
Or, The Forsaken Young-Man.
Shewing how a Devonshire-Damsel Marry'd another, while her Lover was
come to London, to his great grief.
To a pleasant New tune. Licensed according to Order.

FArewell my Dearest Dear,
now I must leave thee;
Those bright and Shineing Eyes
cause me to love thee;
Those Cherry Cheeks of thine,
that need no blushes,
Those Red and Ruby-Lips
burns me to Ashes.

Here is a Ring of Gold,
my Dear accept it;
'Tis for your sake alone,
long have I kept it;
Read but the Posie on't,
Think on the Giver;
Madam I dye for love,
I dye for ever.

Bad News is come to town,
bad News is carry'd;
Bad News is come to town,
my Love is Marry'd;
Bad News is come to town,
I fell a weeping;
My Love was was stole away,
as I lay sleeping.

Since you so cruel be
to make me wretched;
I'll no more think on thee,
sighs I have fetched;
I'll no more doat on her,
since she is cruel:
She shall be now my scorn,
who was my Jewel.

FArewel Unconstant Swain,
once did I love thee;
But since it was in vain,
now I'm above thee:
When I told you I lov'd,
and I would have you,
Then false to me you prov'd,
and you did leave me.

As for your Ring of Gold,
I do abhorr it;
You may when you are old,
get Money for it:
Since that you tell me plain,
long you have kept it,
Keep it as long again,
I'll ne'r accept it.

If I did seem unkind,
'twas but to try you,
But now I know your mind,
I do defie you:
I once thought you to be
not so false-hearted;
Had you prov'd true to me,
we ne'r had parted.

Of all your promises
you are forgetful;
Young-Men I find by this,
they are deceitful:
They vow and swear they love,
all to deceive us,
And when that Kind we prove,
then, then they leave us.

Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare, J. Back.

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