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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Witty LASS of
Containing her kind Advice to the Damosels of City and Coun-
try, in Preservation of their Virgin-rose; with an Account how she
serv'd a Lawyer's Clark in St. James 's Park.
To the Tune of, The Bonny Milk-maid. Licensed according to Order.

YOung Women and Lasses too,
Pray listen to Mistress Prue ,
a Gentleman's Maid,
and what I have said,
Believe me you'll find it true;
the Sparks of the Town,
that range up and down,
Are often Virgins Foes;
when in their lap,
bright gold they drap,
yet no such Fop,
should ever crop
My delicate Virgin-rose .

They commonly will pretend,
To be your intire Friend,
but when they shall find,
one more to their mind,
Their favours are at an end;
in sorrow and scorn,
they leave you forlorn,
With eyes that overflows;
then Damsels fair,
I pray beware,
when they come there,
they will not spare
Your delicate Virgin-rose .

They'll flatter you with a kiss,
For gaining the Lover's bliss,
and when it is done,
they'll eagerly run
And find out another Miss;
both City and Court,
do follow the sport,
Deck'd up in gaudy Cloaths;
they'r so unjust,
that Maids they worst,
then never trust,
but marry first,
Before they have cropt your Rose .

Beware of a tempting tongue,
So pleasant and fairly hung,
least it should intice,
your hearts in a trice,
O come not the least among
such Fellows, for fear
grief brings up the rear,
And does your faults expose;
with gall and rue,
what e'er you do,
abhor the Crew
that would persue
Your innocent Maiden rose .

No honoured Lord or Knight,
For guinea's of gold so bright,
and though he would fain,
should never obtain
The pleasure of fond delight;
I scorn to be great,
at any such rate,
A fig for gaudy cloaths;
I do protest,
I an't in jest,
the very best,
in velvet drest
Shall never defile my rose .

One night in St. James 's Park,
I met with a Lawyer's Clark,
and as we drew near,
he call'd me his Dear;
But mind how I serv'd the Spar[k]
since he was so fond,
down into a pond,
I shov'd him with all his cloaths
on floods he wav'd,
for help he cravd,
I run, he rav'd,
and thus I sav'd
My delicate Virgin-rose.

London: Printed for J. Blare , at the Looking-glass on London-bridge

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