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Magdalene College - Pepys
Ballad XSLT Template
A Dialogue between My
Lord Hump, & his Valet d Chambre,
The Pretty Lady's being in Love with his Lordship.
To the Tune of, Hark, hark, and yonder.

Master. JAck, Tom, where are you,
What makes you not attend ho,
The hour is late,
And no one to wait,
I should a been dress'd before now,
(Man) Sir I come, I come Sir,
Here's your Gown, here's your Gown,
Your Slippers's ready on the ground,
With all things to put on Sir,
With all things to put on Sir.

(Mast.) Come Sirra shave me,
I must not look so gravely,
Lest Miss o' the Town,
When sees me shou'd frown,
And flightingly shou'd leave me,
For I am on Honour,
For to meet, for to meet
A Nymph that's Charming fair & Sweet,
(Man) No doubt but you have won her,
No doubt but you have won her.

(Mast.) How does my Wig fit,
Dos't cover my Hump yet?
(Ser.) Yes, yes, sir yes,
There's nothing amiss,
Will you have the Glass to view it.
(Mast.) Hold it round about me,
For I'de see, for I'de see
If my Hump all cover'd be,
Lest the Ladys flout me,
Lest the Ladys flout me.

How looks my Face now.
Is Cravat-string in place too,
So fain I'de go
For a sparklish Bo,
And my Body move with Grace too:
(Ser.) Sir, all fits compleatly,
But your Hat, but your Hat,
Instead of Cocking it doth Flop,
(Mast.) Ye Rogue then mend it quickly,
Ye Rogue then mend it quickly.

How fits my Cloak now?
Does Sword touch right Heel too;
What are you mute,
Can't you answer? ye Sot,
(Ser.) They hang far as they should do:
Must I call a Coach then?
(Mast.) Not to day, not to day,
My Trimming is so fine and gay,
The Coach will Spoil my Cloathes John,
The Coach will spoil my Cloathes John.

John, John, I prethee
Does pretty Maids look on me?
(Ser.) Yes, yes, sir yes,
(Mast.) What says pretty Miss?
(Ser.) You'ar a handsome Man and witty;
(Mast.) Oh do they so John,
Nay by Jove, nay by Jove,
D----m em, let em die for love,
Though ne'r so fond and pretty,
Though ne'r so fond and pretty.

Printed by T.M.

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