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EBBA 22049

Magdalene College - Pepys
Ballad XSLT Template
Captains Courtship
Being lately Sung in the Play, call'd, Don Quixot.

DEar Pickninny,
If half a Guinny
To Lvoe will win ye
lay it here down:
We must be thrifty,
'Twill serve to shift ye,
And I know fifty
Will do't for a Crown.

Duns comes so boldly,
And Money so slowly,
That by all things holy
'Tis all I can say:
Yet I am so wrapt in,
The Snares that i'm trapt in
As i'm a true Captain,
It's more than my Pay.

Good Captain Thunder,
Go mind your Plunder;
Odzooks! I wonder
You dare be so bold.
Thus to be making
A Treaty so sneaking,
Or dream of the taking
My Fort without Gold

Other Town Misses
May gape at half Pieces;
But who me possesses
A Guinny shall pay.
To all poor Rogues is Buff
Thus, thus, I strut and huff;
So Captain Kick and Cuff,
March on your way.

Come, come, leave slighting
And take delight in
One that loves Fighting,
Yet you does love more.
Do but once try me,
You'll nere more deny me,
Then prithee lye be me
Thou little dam'd W----

Here my dear Hunny,
Nere refuse Money
Thou'rt brisk and bonny,
And lives by thy Trade:
It's but a folly,
To stand shilly shally,
For i'le no more dally
With thee like a Maid.

As for my Ware Sir,
You must forbear Sir,
And come not there Sir,
Although you scold;
'Tis not your huffing,
Nor yet your puffing,
Nor kick and cuffing
Shall do without Gold.

I'le not deceive ye,
Therefore believe me,
you must now ygive me
A Guinny or more.
Without the yellow,
You are no fellow,
And if you bellow
Sir, there is the Door.

Printed by and for A.M. Licensed according to Order.

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