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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Wit never ought, till it be bought; & then it is stark nought.
OR The Spendthrifts Recantation.
That spent his Means in such a wastful fashion
He sold his land & goods & let his mony fly,
Come fill us in ten dozen what care I
He neither cares for Children nor for Wife
So long as mony could be got he lives that life,
Now at last that he has spent his store
He does repent his wastful life before;
He works & takes great pains now all his Life,
For to maintain his Children and his Wife;
He desires that he an example be to all
And every one take warning by his fall.
The Tune of the Bad Husband's Folly, or,
Come hither my own sweet Duck.

OF all the spendthrifts in this Land
I am the worst you see
If you do but understand
To take warning all by me
A Man may be a good fellow
And not to make away all
To mind the Beer so much in the Celler,
That hath brought Me to this thrall,
But if ever I do get money again
I will save some in store,
To keep better Cloaths upon my back
I never will go so poor.

That Man thats always drinking
Amongst the drunken Crue
His estate must needs be sinking
Without any more ado;
That I might be an example
To all that go astray,
That every Man may mend his life
And be warn'd by me this day
For If ever I do get mony again. etc.,

I had a fine Estate of Land of my one
Was worth fifty pound a year
That my Father he did leave me
For I was his only Heir,
I sold and I morgaged it all away
And made myself so poor,
My Wife and my Friends could not rule me
I kept drinking on so sore
But if ever I do get mony again, etc.

I came unto my Hostess
And call'd for liquor apace
She saw my money was plenty
Then she smiled in my Face,
If I said fill a Flagon
She set two upon the score
She slaber'd and kis't and sate on my Knee,
A Pox on her then for a Whore.
But if ever I do get mony again
I will save some in store,
To keep better Cloathes upon my back,
I never will go so poor.

The second Part to the same Tune.

I rambled up and down
And I let my mony fly
While my Wife was ready to break her heart
To hear her Children cry
For she was almost pin'd and starv'd
Their want it was so sore,
And their nakedness they scarce could hide
Their poverty was so poor
But if ever I do get money again, etc.

At two a clock i'th morning
I would come drunken home
If my Wife but chance to speak a word
I would kick her about the room
And call her Bitch and Whore
I'de abuse my one dear Wife
I was a Villain for my pains
To live such a wicked life
But if ever I do get mony again

The I got a Surfit and lay sick
And lay twenty weeks and more
But never an Alewife in my need
Would come within my door,
But my poor Wife was my best Friend
Tho I had been bad with her before
She suckered me unto the end
And of me she took great care
But if I get strength and Money again,

My Wife she sold the Sheets from her Bed,
And she pawn'd he Wedding Ring
To releive me in my Misery
To get my Health agen,
O was not I woful Man
To spend away my store
To let my Wife & Children want at home,
I was a knave therefore,
If ever I do get money again.

When I began get strength to mend a little
I walkt to take the air,
And as I went along the Town
I came by my Hostises door
I askt her for to trust me two pence
But she deny'd me like a Whore,
The mony that I have spent with her
Doth grieve me very sore
if ever I do get mony again

As soon as I get my Health again
I'le call to work apace
To maintain my Wife and Children
For my Hostises are base
I see who is a Mans best Friend
If he be sick or sore
They'l draw a Man to consume his means
Then after they do not care
If ever I do get money again, etc,

If I get any thing under my hand again.
I'le learn to be more wise
I'le never be rul'd by the drunken Crew
That tickled me up with lyes
And carry my money home to my Wife,
To mend my Childrens fare
I have paid for my wit to mend my Life,
For to have a better Care.
If I do get money again.

He runs a long race that never has end
Good People understand
Let every one be rul'd by their Friend,
I say quite through this Land
For wilful wast comes often to want
With me and a great many more
But the greatest grief I have wronged my wife
Which troubles me wonderous sore
If ever I do get money again,

And so i'le have you understand
Good People every one
I lost my time and spent my money
The more I was to blame
But yet I wish all others may
Take warning now by me
Here is a Groatsworth of wit if ye look in it
Come buy this Ballad and see,
If ever I do get money again,
I wlll save some in Store
And keep a better House & Cloaths on our backs
I will never live so poor.

This may be Printed, R.P.
Printed for J. Conyers, at the Black-Raven
the first shop in Fetter-Lane next Holborn.
Where all Chapmen may be furnished with
all sorts of small Books and Ballads.

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