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EBBA 21921

Magdalene College - Pepys
Recording Information
Ballad Title Wit never ought, till it be bought; & then it is stark nought. / OR The Spendthrifts Recantation. / That spent his Means in such a wastful fashion / He sold his land & goods & let his mony fly, / Come fill us in ten dozen what care I / He neither cares for Children nor for Wife / So long as mony could be got he lives that life, / Now at the last that he has spent his store / He does repent his wastful life before; / He works & takes great pains now all his Life, / For to maintain his Children and his Wife; / He desires that he an example be to all / And every one take warning by his fall.
Tune Imprint
Standard Tune Title Come Hither, My Own Sweet Duck; Hey, Ho, My Honey
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