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EBBA 21911

Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Beggers Chorus,
In the Jovial CREW.
To a pleasant new Tune'

THere was a jovial Begger,
he had a Wooden Leg
Lame from his Cradle,
and forced for to beg:
And a begging we will go,
well go, we'l go,
And a begging we will go.

A Bag for my Oat-meal,
another for my Rye;
A little Bottle by my side,
to drink when I'm a dry,
And a begging we will go,
we'l go, we'l go,
And a begging we will go.

A bag for my wheat,
and another for my Salt,
A little pair of Crutches,
to see how I can halt,
And a begging, etc.

A bag for my Bread,
another for my Cheese,
A little Dog to follow me,
to gather what I leese,
And a begging, etc.

To Pimblico we'l go,
where we shall merry be;
With every man a Can in's hand
and a Wench upon his knee,
And a begging, etc.

And when that we're disposed,
we tumble on the Grass,
With long patch'd Coats,
for to hide a pretty lass,
And a begging, etc.

Seven Years I served
my old Master Wild,
Seven years I begged
whilst I was but a Child,
And a begging, etc.

I had the pretty knack,
to wheedle and to cry,
By young and by old,
Much pittyed e're was I,
And a, etc.

Fatherless and Motherless,
Still was my Complaint,
And none that ever saw me,
but took me for a Saint,
And a, etc.

I beg'd for my Master,
and got him store of pelf,
But Jove now be praised,
I now beg for my self,
And a begging, etc.

Within a hollow Tree
I live, and pay no rent,
Providence provides for me,
and I am well content.
And a begging, etc.

I fear no Plotts against me,
but live in open Cell,
Why who wou'd be a King
when a beggar lives so well,
And a begging we will go.

Printed for P. Brooksby, at the Golden-ball in Pye-Corner.

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