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EBBA 21911

Magdalene College - Pepys
The Beggers Chorus, / In the Jovial CREW.
Date Published 1672-1696 ?
Author Richard Brome
Standard Tune
Imprint Printed for P. Brooksby, at the Golden=ball in Pye=Corner.
Collection Magdalene College - Pepys
Page 4.251
Location Pepys Library
Shelfmark Pepys Ballads 4.251
Keyword Categories
Pepys Categories
MARC Record
Additional Information
  Part 1
Title The Beggers Chorus, / In the Jovial CREW.
Tune Imprint
First Lines THere was a jovial Begger, / he had a Wooden Leg
Refrain And a begging we will go, / well go, we'l go, / And abegging we will go[,] (with variations)
Album Page 1/2 sheet oblong folio, 210 x 274
Condition cropped top, left and right edges, uneven inking
Ornament vertical rule