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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Scotchmans Lamentation
for the loss of his PACK.
A warning to all Scotch-Pedlers how they open their Packs in Bawdy Houses.
To the Tune of, Without ever a penny of Money. This may be Prinsed. R. L. S.

T Herei was a brisk Scotchman as I do understand
wth a fa la la falero
That lately did gang into fair England ,
with a fa la la falero,
He travelled London Streets from place to plcae
to u[t]ter his Scotch-cloth and sell his Bone-lace
But at last he came off both with shame and disgrace
with a fa la la falero,

He no sooner was come to fair London Town
with a fa la la la
With his Pack at his back he walkt up and,
with a fa la la la
At last a young Miss in gallant array
call'd unto the Scotchmnn and did him to stay
And make hast unto her without any delay
with a fa la la la lero,

Honest Scotchman come hither then she did cry
with a fa la, etc.
For I am resolved some Scotch-cloth to buy
with a fa la la la falero ,
If that you will afford a good Penniworth said she
Yes marry good Faith that will I said he
Your bonny sweet Lass and I hope we shall agree
with a fa la la.

Then with her the Scotchman did gang it at door
with a fa la etc .
Not thinking he had been betray'd by a Whore
with a fa la etc.
Then into a Room his Miss had him straightway
where he open'd his Pack without any delay,
But before he came off he most dearly did pay
with a fa la la etc.

And when she had taken what cloth she did lack
with a fa la la la lero.
The Scotchman he call'd for a bottle of Sack
wi th a fa la la la la la lero.
Bonny Lass a good Health to you I will drink
with that she cast on him a Smile and a Wink
But she made him pay dear enough for his drink
With a fa la la la lero.

Then he saluted her neatly and close by her sate
with a fa la la la
Only to obtain what she'd have him be at
with a fa la la la, etc.
But before they had been together an hour
a Pimp with his drawn Sword came in with great power
And swore he would kill him or spoil him besure
with a fa la la, etc.

What now you Scotch-Jockey what do ye do here
with a fa la la, etc.
You have made a Whore of my Wife I greatly do fear
With a fa la, etc.
What makes you in this place with my Wife to be
a Whore and a Rogue I plainly do see.
With this Sword in my Hand both of you shall die
With a fa la la,

The Queen under a colour did cry out and rore
with a fa la etc.
Dear Husband forgive me i'le do so no more
with a fa la la, etc.
The Scotchman upon his Knees pardon did crave
marry Sir take my Pack if my Life you will save
For I am not willing to go to my grave
with a fa la la, etc.

Upon this condition I will save thy Life.
With a fa la la la, etc.
But let me never take you here again with my Wife,
with a fa la la, etc.
A way then with Speed the poor Scotch-man did go
he there left his PACK and was glad he scap'd so
For his Heart it was fill'd with sorrow and Woe.
with a fa la la la falero.

Now to all my Country Scotch Bullies that are
with a fa la la la la lero,
Of going into Bawdy Houses have a great care
with a fa la la la la lero,
If everyone for it so dearly should pay
You may all take your journey and with me run away
For my PACK and Scotch -Cloth went all in one day
with a fa la la la la falero.

Printed for J. Conyers at the black Raven
in Fetterlane next Holborn .

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