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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Doctor and Beggar-Wench
The Barkshire FROLLICK.
Since he his Credit thus did stain,
in doing thus amiss,
He'll never do the like again,
he has enough of this.
To the Tune of, The Ladies of London.

T Here was a Doctor that lives in Barkshire ,
of whom I will give a Relation,
Such a like Frollick you seldom shall hear,
not once in an Age, in the Nation:
As he, indeed, was going one day
to gather Herbs for his distilling,
He met a Beggar-wench then by the way,
and proffer'd to give her a shilling.

If that thou wouldst but let me lay thee down
that I may salute and embrace thee,
Being a Person of worthy Renown,
I cannot be thought to disgrace thee;
Prithee be kind, and be not afraid,
for if that thou would but be willing,
I do intend to be noble, he said,
behold I will give thee a shilling .

I am a Beggar-wench, Sir, she replyed,
and therefore I doubt your mistaken;
See you my Wallet hangs down by my side,
'tis full of Bread, Butter and Bacon.
Every one, said he, has their Lot,
and therefore my dear let's to Billing
As for thy Calling, I value it not,
my Girle I will give thee a shilling.

This noble Doctor such kindness did show
as he in his Arms did infold her;
Sir, said the Beggar-wench, where shall we go,
the Doctor immediately told her:
Under this Hedge we'll have our delight,
to this she was presently willing;
But they was suddenly put to the flight,
as soon as he gave her the shilling.

For a great number of women and men
did happily chance to espy them,
As to a feast they were travelling then?
and yet before they could come nigh them,
The Doctor run away in much shame,
the thoughts of this Crime was so killing;
As for the Beggar-wench she did the same
although she had taken the shilling.

Home to his Father, nay Mother and Wife,
this Doctor did run; in conclusion
He had as good been bereav'd of his Life,
for there was a horrid confusion:
E'er he came home the News it broke out,
although he was very unwilling;
For his old Father did bang him about,
and bid him remember the shilling.

Likewise his Mother came in for a share,
for she was as highly displeased,
Giving the Doctor a Cuff on the Ear,
alas! he was never so teased:

Feeling their blows to follow so sore,
said he, I hope you ar'nt for kiling,
But they continu'd their fury the more,
and bid him remember the shilling .

His Wife was also it seems in a rage,
and he in a woful condition;
But he endeavour'd her Wrath to asswage,
by yielding in humble submission
Unto them all: he vowing at last,
both wife, nay his father and mother,
Saying forgive me the Crime that is past,
I ne'er will commit such another.


This may be Printed, R. P.
Printed for J. Back at the Black Boy on London-Bridge, near the Draw-Bridge.

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