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Magdalene College - Pepys
Ballad XSLT Template
The New Courtier.
Or one that learned the trick from his Mother,
To have a little of t'one and a little of t'other.
To an Excellent New Court Tune.

I Prethee Moll,
Be not so dull,
but let us change embraces,
Ile give thee Wine,
And Sugar fine,
Gloves, Ribbons, Hoods & Laces;
Then prethee be
So free to me,
as let me come and cover,
Though I love a merry Glass,
Yet I love a merry Lass,
A little of 'tone with t'other.

I must confess
I love to kiss
as well as meat and cloathing;
But if I may
No further stray,
a kiss is next to nothing:
Ile shew thee how
Thy Dad doth do
when he doth please thy Mother,
When my appetite doth burn,
Kissing woll not serve the turn,
A little, etc.

I highly prize
Thy slow black eyes,
and lips that look so ruby,
But he that sees
No sights but these,
is counted but a Booby.
Then let us kiss,
And try how 'tis,
to make a Maid a Mother,
A little of the Lip,
And a little of the Hip,
A little, etc.

I love a Hawk,
I love a Hound,
I love a gallant Guelding,
I love to talk
And to propound
to Ladies that are yielding;
I love to bill,
To kiss and feel,
delight is my sworn brother,
I love to run at ring,
And the other pretty thing,
A little of t'one with 'tother.

I Love a life
A Barried Wife,
a Virgin, and a Widdow;
And when I strike
'Tis all alike,
a Down-bed or a Meadow:
If I can but
Come quickly too't,
my flames I will not smother,
I was gotten by a man,
And I'le get one if I can,
A little of t'one with t'other.

I cannot wooe
As some men do
I am no whining Lover,
I cannot stand
With cap in hand,
but turn them over and over:
At In and In
The losers win,
then let us come and cover,
Thou shalt have a throw at me,
And i'le have a fling at thee;
A little, etc.

Then prethee Duck
Let me but pluck
the Rose-buds of thy vertue,
And do not put
My courage to't
I swear I will not hurt you,
All that I do
Seduce thee to,
is to be like thy mother,
For (without immodesty)
Thou may'st do't as well as she,
A little, etc.

A little health,
A little wealth,
a little time of freedom,
Some little friends,
For little ends,
and little cause to need'em.
A little drink,
A little Think,
a little fit of the Mother,
For when men begin to wooe,
They have little else to do;
A little of 'tone with 'tother.

Printed for F. Coles, in Vine-street, near Hatton Garden.

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