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Magdalene College - Pepys
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SUSAN's Courtship:
Sweet William Woo'd by the Farmer's Daughter of Devonshire.
To the Tune of, The bonny Grey ey'd Morn. Licensed according to Order.

Sweet William, Prithee tell me, wilt thou wed,
And ease a Virgin of her Maiden-head?
Did you not promise me last Whitsontide
That then you'd make me your Beloved Bride?
Yet you have not; Why do you serve me so?
Pray will you have me, tell me, ay, or no?
Susan, quoth William, make not such a din,
I han't a Hat for to be Marry'd in.

If that be all, take thou no thought, my Dear,
I have a high-crown'd Hat thou needst not fear,
Which was my Grany's forty Years ago,
The which on thee, my Billy, I'll bestow;

The Crown's torn out, but I'll mend that again:
Now wilt thou Marry me, Love, tell me plain?
Susan, quoth Billy, make not such a din,
I han't a Neck Cloath to be Marry'd in.

We will not balk or starve a Cause she cry'd,
For of a truth thou may'st be satisfy'd,
A Neck-cloath shall not part us, Love, quoth Sue,
Ad's fut I have a Pudding-bag or two,
With them I'll make a Cravat for my Dear:
Wilt have me, now? Speak with a merry chear.
Susan, quoth Billy, make not such a din,
I han't a Coat for to be Marry'd in.

If thou the Mariage-state will but promote,
Be of good Comfort, thou shalt have a Coat
Made of a Blanket, Love, to keep thee arm;
And theefore Billy, prithee now conform
To my Desire; let us May'd be,
Thou know'st I ever had a love for thee.
Susan, quoth Billy, keep not such a din,
I han't a Shirt for to be Marry'd in.

Intoth, quoth Susan, that is something hard,
I have two Smocks, cost me a groat a Yard
And one of them, Love, with a free good will,
If thou thy former Promise wilt fulfil,
In taking Susan for thy loving Wife,
Introth, I'm weary of a single life.
Susan, quoth Billy, make not such a din,
I have no Breeches to be Marry'd in.

Hast thou no Breeches, that's a piteous case,
Yet if thou wilt my proffer'd Love embrace,
My under-petticoat, geud faith, I'll break,
And with the same a pair of Breeches make;
For I would fain be Marry'd out of hand,
Let us no longer, Love, disputing stand.
Susan, quoth Billy, talk of no such thing,
I have no Coyn to buy a Wedding-ring

Billy, quoth she, introth I would not scorn,
For to be Marry'd with a Ring of Horn,
Which you may with a penny buy fo me;
'Tis good enough for such poor Flocks as we:
And theefore let us make no more delay,
I long to see that happy joyful day:
Susan, quoth Billy, such a Ring, I fear,
The name of Horns I can't endure to hear.

If e're I Marry, dearest Love, behold,
It shall be with a precious Ring of gold;
Why then, quoth Susan, such a one I'll buy,
Tho' for to purchase it I do let fly
Not only Bracelets, but my Hood and Fan,
For if I live I must enjoy a Man.
Why then, quoth Billy, since it must be so,
Provide a Ring, then to the Kirk we'll go

London: Printed for J. Deacon, in Guilt-spur-street.

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