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EBBA 21006

Magdalene College - Pepys
Ballad XSLT Template
The Hampshire Miller, short and thick,
With an Overton Widow he's done the trick,
He shook her Plum-tree,
they chance to catch a fall,
Upslipt her Cloaths, Smock and all,
A woman peep'd through a hole,
she is short and thick,
And see the Miller and Widow do the trick.
To the Tune of, The Languishing Swain.

A Miller liv'd near Overton,
And he a prity trick has done,
He lov'd a Widow day by day,
With her he us'd to sport and play.

On Midlent Sunday last, they say,
To the widows house he took his way,
And presently the door he entred in,
To Coucking then he did begin.

The street door with all speed was lockt,
She had a mind for to be dockt,
The back door she pinned with all speed,
And lovingly they were agreed.

Up stairs together they did high,
The Miller lov'd her Coney Pye,
To shake her Plum-tree he was not slack
But presently she was on her back.

THe Miller craul'd into her Saddle,
And for to Ride while he was able,
It made'em blow, & his breath was short,
The widow gave him no thanks for't.

The Miller lay upon his belly,
To please the widow, as I may tell ye,
A short woman peept thro' a hole odsbones
And said, the Miller had spoil'd his stones

The widow wears a Mantue Gown,
And she will sport for half a Crown,
With any Miller in the Land,
If 'twill not rise she'll make it stand.

The widow having Nuts in store,
The man he was for one touch more,
Have at thy Plum-tree now by guess,
For widow I can do no less.

My Nut-Crackers they have been try'd,
By you it cannot be deny'd.
They be the best in all the Town,
But I have rumpel'd thy Mantue gown.

The Millers Nut-Crackers, they say,
Will pass the tedious time away,
He cract the Nut, and left the Curnel behind,
He's a loving man, the widow kind.

The Miller's Wifes Answer.

The woman she was in a rage,
Because her husband he did Gage
The Sluts Fish pond, that runs so clear
And for it he has paid so dear.

The Miller aged, and is old,
That made the woman for to scold,
You ramble the Town for a fresh bit,
O husband you will spoil your spit.

Those wanton trickes has cost him mony,
By playing with the widows Coney,
But he is resolv'd to mend his life,
And be contented with his wife.

Husband leave kissing up and down,
And be contented with your own,
Come cross the book for you are kind,
And forgive the debt that is behind.

Come Husband lead an honest life,
And be contented with thy wife,
Ill pardon what is gone and past,
If thou wilt mend thy life at last.

Millers be kind unto your wives,
And then you may live contented lives
The short man loves a widow, & so adieu
Come buy these lines for they are true.

Printed for T.S. in the Strand.

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