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Magdalene College - Pepys
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OR, The Magnificent Glory at the head of Cheapside, on the Kings Birth-Day, and the Fifth of November, erected on a stately
Structure, and splendidly set forth in lively Figures. First, King Williams Landing with an Army to the relief of England:
Second, The Glorious Conquest of Ireland. Third, Lewis of France Murthering his Protestant-Subjects. Fourth, the Gun-
powder-Plot and F[o]ux with his Dark-Lanthorn; With many other Beautiful Figures, appearing in the aforesaid place both
the Days, and each Night adorned with an innumerable quantity of Candles lighted, which caused it to appear most Glorious to
all Spectators.
Tune is, Let Cesar live long. Licensed according to Order.

TRue Protestants listen while I shall relate,
The Triumph of London, the Glory and State,
Which was to be seen on King William's Birth-day,
In delicate figures both sumptuous and gay;
Likewise on the Fifth of November also,
The City was grac'd with this Beautiful Show.

First Figure was William our Protestant King,
As likewise the Army he with him did bring;
War-Horses, with [Shipping] & Streamers displayed,

Nay Collonels and Captains, all richly array'd;
As was when he first did arrive to this Shore,
Religion, nay, likewise our Laws to restore.

With Lines to this purpose, for Subjects to read,
When Catholicks thought to make Protestants bleed,
God's all Divine Providence them did oppose,
And acted as infinitely as he knows;
For this we thank Nassau, and kind Heavens bless,
The one for his Care, and the next for Success.

Next figure was taking of Athlone by Storm,
The Battle of Agram, the manner and form
Of King William's Army, who valliantly fought,
And put the proud French and the Tories to rout:
The Siege and Surrender of fair Galloway,
To Celebrate gracious King William's Birth-day.

And under these Figures these following Lines,
Did set forth the fame of these Glorious Designs:
No longer the terror of Bellona's Fears,
In his settl'd Nations and Kingdoms appears:
His Conquering Army for fresh Trophies waits,
To right wronged Subjects, & give Law to States.

The third Figure shews you how Lewis le Grand,
That desperate Tyrant and Torment to man,
What vast Floods of Protestant Blood he has spilt,
With Swords in their Bodies sheath'd up to the Hilt;
His booted Apostles some thousands did kill,
The bloody Commands of their King to fulfill.

With this like Inscription, he mercy abhors,
Whose black civil Murthers has out-done the Wars:
His poor groaning Natives wander[']d for repose,
And Exile before sad Oppression they chose;
Thus Tyrant Lewis his Subjects oppress,
Which under King William we Joy do possess.

The Gun-Powder-Plot did in Figure appear,
And Faux with his Romish Dark-Lanthorn was here,
Who with the whole Faction a Bargain had made,
The Match being lighted, the Train likewise laid
To blow up the King, and his great Parliament,
But most Divine Providence them did prevent.

Fond Protestants are you so stupid of late?
To pine after those that wou'd ruin your state;
Those Catholick Vipers, right impudent bold,
Who Plotted against your Fore-Fathers of old:
Destroying young Children, nay, Husband and Wife,
For Murders and Treasons they love as their Life.

The Fifth of November still honor'd shall be,
On which we have twice been deliver'd, set free
From snares which proud Rome did for Protestants lay,
King William to save us, he Landed that Day:
Let Triumph and Glory with Protestants Ring,
To set forth the Fame of our Protestant King.

Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare, J. Back.

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