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EBBA 20972

Magdalene College - Pepys
Recording Information
Ballad Title LONDONS TRIUMPH: / OR, The Magnificent Glory at the head of Cheapside, on the Kings Birth-Day, and the Fifth of November, erected on a stately / Structure, and splendidly set forth in lively Figeres. First, King Wiliams Landing with an Army to the relief of England: / Second, The Glorious Conquest of Ireland, Third, Lewis of France Murthering his Protestant-Subjects. Fourth, The Gun- / powder-Plot and Foux with his Dark-Lanthorn; With many other Beautiful Figures, appearing in the aforesaid place both / the Days, and each Night adorned with an innumerable quantity of Candles lighted, which caused it to appear most Glorious to / all Spectators.
Tune Imprint Tune is, Let Cesar live long.
Standard Tune Title Let Caesar Live Long
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