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EBBA 20145

Magdalene College - Pepys
Ballad XSLT Template
Loves up to the elbowes.
To the tune of Codlings.

YOu men that loving be, love not too fondly,
Let still your mind live free, yet use them kindly.
Use not in love excesse,
For here I will expresse
I am in love no lesse
then up to th' elbowes

I spide a daintie Dame of fayrest feature
She was of natures frame a comely creature,
Her beauty did excell.
And her sight pleasd me well
With her in love [I] fell
up to the elbowes.

Oft have I meet this maid yet neere spoke to her,
Bashfulnes did perswade, I should not wooe her,
Still this most beautious prize
So dazeled mine eyes,
I fell in wofull wise
in love to the elbowes.

Once at a Wake I met my lovely sweeting
When I did cleane forget the use of greeting,
She mery made with Ale,
Whose acquaintance was but small,
In love I further fall
up to the elbowes.

Dancing upon a Greene next time I spide her,
She seem'd like Flora's Queene all th'time I ey'd her
Such frolicke roundelaies
She danst to winne the Baies
I fell: while she got the praise
in love to th' elbowes.

Trasing the fragrant fields one morning early,
To see what nature yeeldes, Wheat Rie and barly.
A milking I did finde
This maid of Venus kind
Fate hath my love assignde
up to the elbowes.

Selling of Apricokes I spide her standing
Laid out with golden lockes my heart commanding
I cheapned her ware
It lookt so passing faire
But her lookes cast care on care
being up to th' elbowes.

Once I occasion tooke to speake unto her,
Such was her Beautious looke I faine would wooe her
But speech was spent in vaine
Such wordes of coy disdaine
From her: my heart hath staine
being up to th' elbowes.

The second part. To the same tune.

ONce at a mariage feast wee dinde together,
I view'd her mongst the rest though minds did souer
I feasted on her sight
She would not lookes requite
Yet still I tooke delight
being up to th' elbowes.

Like Helens is her face with Golden tresses,
Which showes suoh splendant grace like young Narcissus
Her eyes like Lampes doe shine
Her lookes are so Divine
She doth my love confine
up to the elbowes

Her pretty Dimple Chin, Cheekes red as Cheries
Her necke like Ivory thinne with Amber Berries
Wast short and body tall
And fingers long and small
Forst me in love to fall
up to the elbowes.

From wast unto the foote compleat of nature
None sees but still doth praise this comly creature
Did face and mind agree
She then would pitty me
That by loves cruelty
am up to the elbowes

Once more Ide court this dame but am asha[med]
And by my rash attempt I might be blamed
My loving heart doth ake
For my faire Mistris sake
What course should lovers take
being up to the elbowes.

I have seene lovers pine for such like crosses,
I have seene lovers die for such like losses
But in extreames of woe
I neever yet [I] know
In love, a young man so
up to the elbowes.

Will man that is a man be slaved by woman
But tis a fault in man growne too too comm[on]
To love, yet love in vaine
And be not belov'd againe
I plungd am in loves paine
up to the elbowes

Vanish all feareful feare I wil unto her
Vanish al careful care for I must wooe her
If we can wel agree
And she can fansie me
No longer love shal be
up to the elbowes.

Printed at London for H.G. FINIS [William]

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