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EBBA 20018

Magdalene College - Pepys
Ballad XSLT Template
The complaint of the Shepheard Harpalus.
To a pleasant new tune.

P Oore Harpalus, opprest with love,
sate by a cristall Brooke:
Thinking his sorrowes to remove,
ofttimes therein did looke:
And hearing how on pibble stones,
the murmuring river ran,
As if it had bewaild his grones,
unto it thus began.

Faire streame (quoth he) that pitties me
and heares my matchlesse mone,
If thou be going to the Sea:
as I doe now suppone:
Attend my plaints past all reliefe,
which dolefully I breath,
Acquaint the Sea-Nimphs with the griefe
which still procures my death.

Who sitting in the cliffie Rocks,
may in their songs expresse,
While as they combe their golden locks,
poore Harpalus distresse
And so perhaps some passenger,
that passeth by the way,
May stay and listen for to heare
them sing this dolefull Lay,

Poore Harpalus , a Shepheard Swaine,
more rich in youth then store:
Lov'd fair Philena haplesse man,
Philena , oh therefore:
Who still remorcelesse hearted maid,
tooke pleasure in his paine:

And his good will, poore soule, repaid
with undeserv'd disdaine.

Nere Shepheard lov'd a Shepheardesse,
more faithfully then he:
Nere Shepheard yet beloved lesse
of Shepheardesse could be:
How oft did he with dying lookes,
to her his woes impart?
How oft his sighs did testifie
the dolour of his heart?

How oft from Vallies to the Hils
did he his griefe rehearse?
How oft re-ecchoed they his ills,
abacke againe (alas?)
How of on Barkes of stately Pines,
of Beech, of Holly-greene,
Did he ingrave in mournfull lines,
the griefe he did sustaine?

Yet all his plaints could have no place,
to change Philena's mind:
The more his sorrowes did increase,
the more she prov'd unkind:
The thought thereof with wearied care,
poore Harpalus did move,
That overcome with high despaire,
he lost both life and Love.


At London Printed for H.G.

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