EBBA 37453

British Library - Bagford
The Rarest BALLAD that ever was seen, / Of the Blind BEGGAR's DAUGHTER of Bednal-green.
Date Published 1688-1709 ?
Standard Tune
Imprint London: Printed by and for W.O. and are to be / sold by the Booksellers of Pye-corner and / London-bridge.
License Licens'd and enter'd according to Order.
Collection British Library - Bagford
Pages 2.104 Page Verso, 2.105
Location British Library
Shelfmark C.40.m.10.(108.)
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    TitleThe Rarest BALLAD that ever was seen, / Of the Blind BEGGAR's DAUGHTER of Bednal-green.The Second PART.
    Tune Imprint
    First LinesIT was a blind beggar that long lost his sight, / He had a fair daughter most pleasant and bright,WIthin a gallant palace most brave, / Adorned with all the cost they could have,
    Notes Printed on the recto of EBBA 37454, "[The S]econd PART / OF / [Old Mother] Bunch of the West: / [C]ONTAINING / [RARI]TIES never before heard of, / [?] was pleas'd to break open the / [? cl]oset of CURIOSITIES, / [?]olute Advantage of all young / [?]S, who may, as in a Glass, be- / [?]other, while they sleep, only / [?] to the Direction of the Book, / [?] instruct them how to escape bad / [?]d obtain good. / [?]veral that has made Tryal of them. / [?] Fruits of Forty Nine Years / [?]dy by Mother BUNCH, who / [?]ts it to the World, for the be- / [?] the young Men, Maids, and Wi- / [?]", likely printer's waste, according to the ESTC.

    Cut apart and pasted onto two facing album sheets.