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British Library - 82.l.8
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Wise Man's Observation.
In Two Parts.
First, A Divine POEM
Three Persons in the Holy-Trinity, the Four Evangelists
The Ten Commandments, and the Twelve Apostles. II. A Preparation, by a Holy
Life, for the Hour of Death, that we may all be fitted for our latter End when we shall
go hence, and be no more seen.

ONE GOD there is, of Wisdom, Glory, Might
One Faith there is, to guide our Souls aright
One Truth there is, for Man to practise in;
One Baptism to cleanse our Souls from Sin.

TWO Testaments there are, the Old and New,
Wherein the Law and Gospel thou may'st view,
The One for Works annd Deeds doth Precepts give,
The other says, The Just by Faith shall live.

THree Persons in the Glorious Trinity,
Make one True GOD in perfect Unity,
The Father, Son, and Holy-Ghost, these Three,
For ever Equal and Eternal be.

FOur most Divine and Righteous Holy Men,
They did the Life of our Redeemer Pen:
'Twas Matthew, Mark, nay Luke and John likewise,
Whose Righteous Truths let e'ry Christion Prize.

FIve Senses do in every Man maintain
A Governing of Power, Rule, and Reign,
Thy Hearing, Seeing, Tasting, Feeling, Smelling,
Which all at Death will leave thee and their Dwelling.

SIX Days, O Man, thou hast to labour in,
So Merciful and Good thy GOD hath been;
Of Seven to himself be takes but One,
O rob him not of that, to leave him none.

SEven Liberal Arts, by a Divine Decree,
Unto Man's knowing Soul united be;
Rhetorick, Grammar, Musick, Geometry,
Arithmetick, Logick, and Astronomy.

EIght Persons in the Ark of Noah were,
When GOD he would the World no longer spare:
Sin did abound, therefore all Flesh he drown'd
Which in that Ship of Safety was not found.

NINE Muses they Harmonious Voices raise,
To Sing our Blessed Dear Redeemer's Praise,
Who is the Spring from whence all Blessings flow
To we poor living Mortals here below.

THere's Ten Commandments which we should obey,
And yet how apt are we to run astray,
Breaking them all, our Folly to pursue,
As if we did not fear what GOD could do.

ELeven Disciples did with Jesus pray,
When Judas did the Son of GOD betray,
Th[rou]gh Covetuousness, for greedy Gain he fell,
To be Perdition's Child, condemn'd to Hell.

TWelve Tribes there were amongst our Fathers old,
Twelve Articles our Christian Faith dos hold;
Twelve Gates ith' New-Jerusalem there be,
Unto which City Christ bring Thee and Me.

A Preparation for Death.

THou Earthly Mortal Man, observe this well,
If thou in Wickedness on Earth do dwell:
Then in a dying Hour mai'st thou find
The sad effects of a disquiet Mind:

For in this World we have not long to live,
And when we come to die, what would we give
To be assured of a Resting Place,
So soon as we have run out Nature's Race.

Nothing but Sorrows do our Life attend,
Therefore let us think of our latter End;
That when we on the Bed of Sorrow lye,
We may have nothing else to do, but die.

Oh! let not Folly steal thy Heart away,
Remember still that there will come a Day,
That we to GOD a just Account must give,
How, well or ill, we here on Earth did live.

He that a Holy, Upright Life will lead,
And fain would be a Christian now indeed,
Must still approach the Throne of Grace, by Prayer,
Making Religion here his constant care.

In Blooming Youth 'tis best for to begin
To seek the Lord, and take our leave of Sin;
For having early took a Righteous Way,
We are not then so apt to go astray.

But often do we see the Blooming Youth
Delight in Sin, neglect the Word of Truth,
And think it time enough for to amend
Our evil ways when Life is at an End.

No greater danger in the World can be
For our poor Souls, than such loose Liberty;
It causes Man Repentance to delay,
When we an't sure to see another Day.

Why should poor Mortals eagerly pursue
Those vain Delights, which will our Griefs renew;
For after sinning Thirty, Forty Years,
It may occasion sad Repenting Tears.

And therefore now, before it is too late,
Let e'ry one think of a Future State;
And on the Mercies of the Lord relye,
For who is he that lives, and shall not Die?

And from your Duty do not turn aside,
But mind the Holy-Bible, more than Pride,
In which the Righteous Law of God's reveal'd,
And will in time of Trouble Comfort yield.

I speak to all of High and Low Degree,
Serve ye the Lord with true Sincerity;
The Rich as well as Poor have Souls to save,
And there is no Repentance in the Grave.

The Brows that sweat for Kingdoms and Renows
To Glorifie their Temples with a Crown;
Must leave their Diadem when Death shall call,
Memento mori is the end of all.

Riches and Honour, Crowns and Dignity,
Those fading Glories most uncertain be;
Nothing substantial in this World we find,
But ery thing is turning with the Wind.

Yet if in God alone we put our Trust,
Who is both Gracious, Merciful, and Just,
Making his Holy Word our Rule, and Guide,
'Tis better worth than all the World beside

LONDON: Printed by J. Wilkins near White Fryars Great Gate Fleet-street, 1698.

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