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EBBA 36868

British Library - C.121.g.9
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[A]S I went forth to view the Spring,
which Flora had adorned:
[In g]orgious rayment everything
[a] winters rage out scorned.
[I ca]st mine eye and did espy,
[a] youth that made great clamor,
[And] drawing nigh, I heard him cry
[it's] Omnia vincit amor.

[Upon] his face he lay along,
[hard] by a cristal river,
[And m]ournfully his doleful song
[with] sighs he did deliver:
[Wo w]orth her face her comely grace
[for] which no man can shun her,
[Her s]plended rayes cuts off my dayes
[for] Omnia vincit amor.

[Her] cristal eyes like Comets fair,
[br]ight Phebus beams out-shining.
[Hath] caught my heart in Cupids snare
[an]d makes me die with pining,
[Fon]d foolish nature did not well
so curiously to frame her,
[Her] beauty rare makes me with care
cry O[m]nia vincit amor.

[Y]ou cristal streams that swiftly glyd,
be Partners of my mourning,
[You] fragrant fields and meadows wide
condemn her for her scorning.
[Let] every tree a witness be,
how justly I may blame her,
You chanting birds, note these my words
its Omnia vincit amor.

[H]ad she been kind as she was fair,
she might have been admired,
[In] every place without compare,
who hath my death conspired;
Thus said, his breath began to fail,
he could not speak, but stammer,
He sighed sore, and said no more,
but Omnia vincit amor.

Then I perceiv'd him near his death,
and ran in haste to save him,
But quickly he resign'd his breath,
so deep a wound love gave him.
Thus for his sake, this vow Ile make,
my tongue shall still defame her.
Upon his herse Ile write this verse
its Omnia vincit amor.

Thus I considered with myself
upon the matter rightly.

Though little Cupid he was blind,
he prov'd in pith most mighty,
Not warlike Mars, nor thundring Jove
nor Vulcan with his hammer
Durst once gainstand this Boyes command,
for Omnia vincit amor.

Thus ye may see the fruits of love
which gods and men keeps under:
That nothing can his bonds remove,
nor torments break asunder,
There's not a boy into the school,
that scarsce hath learn'd his grammer
Upon his book he needs not look,
for Omnia vincit amor,

The second Part.

GReat prince of love thy force doth move
all flesh for to adore thee,
Thou breaks thy heart with secret smart
that would in silence smart thee,
Which makes a Maid to be afraid,
while Judges do exame her:
She dare not show although she know
that Omnia vincit amor.

We are but dust, confess we must,
no flesh is full perfection:
Nature through kind, moves everie mind,
to render love subjection.
Both King and Laws love binds and draws,
no force nor wit can tame her:
All yields we see to loves decree,
for Omnia vincit amor,

Both birds and beasts by love increase,
declare themselves most willing,
Showing their mind to love inclin'd
the air with Echo's filling.
Birds sweetly sings, when joy love brings
and beasts with crying clamor,
Void of all shame, they do proclaim
that Omnia vincit amor.

All loving things that grows and springs
by land, by sea, and water,
To love they yield, who can conceal'd
its not a monstrous matter.
Man will reprove a Womans love,
for love they'l blot and blame herr
Although they see that none is free,
for Omnia vincit amor.

Ungrateful men, why are they then
unto our sex so cruel?

Since to the fire of Loves desire,
nature itself gives fewel.
They praise in vain, love to refrain
or foolishly defame her;
Love will ere long revenge our wrong
since Omnia vincit amor.

Hell harbours hate, strife and debate,
hell breeds and feeds dissentions
From thence proceeds all monstrous death
envious vile intentions:
The Scriptures tell there's nought in hell.
but blasphemy and clamor,
There none can pray, nor yet can say,
that Omnia vincit amor.

I dare approve, who hath not love,
are Monsters all by nature,
Some great defect, no just respect,
can make a monstrous creature,
To use his tongue love to impunge,
as if he could condemn her
Who gave him eyes where with he sees
that Omnia vincit amor.

The glorious Sun doth restless run,
all living things aspiring;
Even so the earth with fruitless birth
in love her Lord desiring;
In stately green, enembled been,
with colours fine to frame her.
As she allows to meet her Spouse,
for Omnia vincit amor.

Love was the end made Christ descend
by love he was conceived;
Our Lord most hie who lov'd to die;
by love our souls were saved;
The heavens above they burn for love
love was their first inflammer.
From that great light our souls have sight
that Omnia vincit amor.

For to be plain, love is the chain,
holds heaven and earth together.
Love made our God to spare his rod
and like a loving Father;
To calm his wrath he gives us Faith
of Grace and Peace proclaimer,
So should we all both great and small
cry Omnia vincit amor.


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