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EBBA 36853

British Library - C.121.g.9
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If Love's a Sweet Passion, etc.
Passionate Lover:
When Love and Beauty doth agree,
It is the best of Company.
Sung with its own proper Tune

IF Love's a sweet Passion, why doth it Torment?
If bitter, then tell me, whence comes my Content?
Since I suffer with Pleasure, why should I complain,
Or grieve at my Fate, since I know its in vain?
So pleasant the Pain is, and so swift is the Dart,
At once it doth wound me, and tickle my Heart.

I grasp't her Hand gently, look't languishing down,
And by passionate Silence I made my Love known,
But O how I'm blest, when so kind she does prove,
By some willing mistake to discover her Love!
In striving to hide it she reveals all her Flame,
And our Eyes tell each other, what neither can Name.

How pleasant is Beauty? how sweet are the Charms?
How delightful Embraces? how pleasant her Arms?
Sure there's nothing so easie as learning to love:
Since its taught us on Earth, by all things Above.
To Beauty's bright Standard all Hero's must yeild,
For its Beauty that conquers and keeps the brave Field.

To Beauty's Royal Scepter thus all things do bow,
For its her that we Court and her that we Woo.
It so strangely doth vanquish and soften the Mind,
That we yeild at first sight to Beauty that's kind.
For its a Treasure we dot on and dream in the night,
And nothing but Beauty can breed such delight.

As soon as the Morning's bright Rayes I behold
Like a Bride deck't in Roses and Rubies in Gold,
Straight I think on fair Esther divine and so sweet,
And I long to see her and sigh at her Feet:
Ev'ry Moment I'm absent I languish and die,
And I live by the Sweetness and Beam of her eye.

Then grant, O high Powers! that her I may find
Alwayes yeilding to Love and charmingly kind,
That at last by Entreaties she may be my Bride
And I have the Honour to ly by her Side.
O the Pleasures that Beauties can give, when they please!
They can kill and can cure a poor Lover with Ease.

I will envy no Prince, but sweetly will live
Rest contented with Pleasure that Esther can give,
From all Rivals and Fears we may always live free
For ever be happy and ever agree.
O! this innocent Pleasure and freedom will prove
All the Joys that kind Heav'ns give those that do love.


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