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EBBA 36850

British Library - C.121.g.9
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No Creature is so False as Man.
Or the Loyal Maidens Complaint against her Disloyal Lover.
To the Tune of, As I went early in the Spring.

I Wonder what's the Reason why
My Love foresakes my Company,
He takes delight other Maids to view,
And he bids his own true Love adieu.

How often did he take delight
In my company both day and night
But he has choise of women now,
And has bid his old love adieu

How often did he swear and vow
For to love none but only me;
But to my grief I do find now,
That all his Oaths were Perjury.

There is a House in Chatam Town
My Love went to, and set him down,
And took a Stranger on his Knee,
Which was a grievous Grief to me.

Oh! thou false Man, how can you be
So cruel Hearted unto me,
To break your Vows, and prove untrue
To her that loves no one but you?

There is a Lass at Chatam Crown,
That liveth nigh unto the Town,
'Tis her he now delights to woo,
And tells her that he will prove true.

What tho he has forsaken me,
And now does Court another she,
Yet let him use me how he will,
I cannot choose but love him still.

What tho my Friends would not consent
That he and I should Married be;
Yet Friend nor Foe should not prevent,
If he would but return me,

I wish I were some silly Fly,
Then on his Bosom would I ly,
That all the World may plainly see,
I love him tho he loves not me.

I wish I were like yonder Maid,
That now sits spinning at her Wheel,
I would give all the Wealth I have,
I felt no more than she does feel.

On yonder Hill there's earthy Worms,
And they can neither hear nor see,
I wish I'd been like one of those,
When first I came in's Company.

Oh! did he know the Grief and Wo
That I poor Maid do undergo,
Or did he understand my Grief,
Sure he would come and give Relief.

He cast an Anchor in the Sea,
And it sunk down into the Sand,
So did my Heart in my Body,
When I had my False Love by the hand.

But it may chance a time may come
He may Repent for what is done,
But then alas 'twill be too late,
For I cannot long survive his Hate.

Farewel, False Love! Farewel my Dear,
My Heart will break with grief and care,
To think that I so silly be
To love that Man that loves not me.

Young Women all I pray take care,
Let no Man draw you in a snare;
For to my grief I prove it can,
No Creature is so false as Man.


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