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British Library - Thomason Tracts Ballads
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For my
LORD of Canterbury,
Which hath beene long sicke of a Consumption,
(Evill men and deceevers waxing worse and worse) made by a
Tenant of his in new Prison. And now presented to him, to see if
it may be a meanes to recover him, if he be not past Cure.

SOme news, my Lord, I will unfold,
If with you I may be so bold,
To shew you how my case it stands,
Now I am in your prison-bands.

Hebr. 13.3.

Tho I be in a prison strong,
Yet unto Christ I doe belong;
And tho you have me here in hold,
Yet am I one of Christs owne fold.

Joh. 10.13.

Is this the flocke for to preserve,
To let them in a prison starve?
Your enemies, if you must feed,
The flock, much more, when they have need.

Isay 40.11.

Is not this to your disgrace,
To spoile me of my resting place?
Me, and my Wife, and Children starve,
Which God commands me to preserve.

1 Tim. 5.8.

Is this the Gospell for to preach,
To make upon the Saints a breach?
This doctrine will not serve your turne;
No, 'tis to comfort those that mourne.

Isay 61.3.

If that your light it be Divine,
Then let it out to others shine.
Under a bushell if it be,
None but yourselfe the same can see.

Math. 5.15.

Servants of God patient must be,
And wait on sinners patiently,
To see if God make them repent,
And not inflict such punishment.

2 Tim. 2.

The wrath of man will not prevaile
To make sinners their sins bewaile.
The prison will not men compell,
No 'tis to ring the Gospels bell.

Mar. 16.15.

When Christ his twelve Apostles sent,
That men believe might and repent,
Glad tidings was the onely way
To make the people to obey.

Math. 10.7.

And Christ himselfe did thinke it meet
That they should shake dust from their feet.
He bad them not to prison haile,
Nor shut them up in any Jaile.

Mat. 10.14.

The woes they did to them present
Was a sufficient punishment;
Which at that great and dreadfull day
All have which doe not him obey.

Mat. 11.2.

When Paul did preach unto the Jewes
And they his doctrine did refuse,
Unto the Gentiles he did turne,
That was the way to make them mourne.

Act. 13.4, 6

Tho Peter they could not abide,
Because he preach'd Christ crucified,
His Gospell prickt them to the heart,
That onely did the Jewes convert.

Acts 2.37.

As Abels blood aloud did cry
Unto the Lord that is most high,
So doth our bloods cry in his eare,
As once it shall be made appeare.

1 Joh. 3.12.

For I give credit to his word
Who saith, those that fight with the Sword
Shall with the Sword themselves be slaine;
The Scriptures makes it very plaine.

Mat. 26.52

Those that doe so we may well thinke
They shall have blood themselves to drink.
Under the Alter soules doe cry
That he revenge would from on hie.

Rev. 6.10.

Repent, beleeve, and eke confesse,
Of this your crying wickednesse,
That you the blood of Saints should spill,
To satisfie your wilfull will.

Heb. 10.26

Desire of God to give you grace
Whilst you have any time and space.
Your honour here you must lay down
Before you win the glorious Crown.

Rev. 21.24

I freely doe forgive all wrongs
Which once I had, and now for smart,
Not onely with my word and tongue,
But also from my very heart.

Marke 11.

William Starbucke this Cordiall made,
When in the Counter he did lie
Of Woodstreet, in the prison house
Because that oath he did deny.

Zach. 8.17.

Per me William Starbuck.
London, Printed for W.S. 1644.

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