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EBBA 36488

British Library - Collection of 225 Ballads
Recording Information
Ballad Title Beauties Triumph: OR, / The Joys of Faithful Lovers made compleat; / Shewing the amorous Address of a young Gallant to a fair Virgin, whose consent, notwith- / standing her many coy objections, & concluded the happy Marriage, under the feign'd names of / Amintor and Silva, / Being a most pleasant and delightful New Play-House SONG. / All that's call'd Beauty, for Mans use was made, / Why then should he of Females be afraid? / Encounter them but brisk, you'l find them yield, / 'Tis seldome known they long do keep the Field; / But if you fear to court, faith, e'n dispair, / For Cowards never Cupids Plunder share.
Tune Imprint To a New Play-House Tune; Or, The Reward of Loyalty, &c.
Standard Tune Title Hark the Thundering Cannons Roar
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