EBBA 36204

[Our Hay our Corne and Cattle,]
Date Published ?
Standard Tune
Imprint London, Printed for R[?]
Collection Manchester Central Library - Blackletter Ballads
Page 2.30
Location Manchester Central Library
Shelfmark BR f 821.04 B49
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      Part 1
    Title [Our Hay our Corne and Cattle,]
    Tune Imprint
    First Lines Our Hay our Corne and Cattle, / our Geese with other Pullen,)
    Refrain [Then shall we merrily drink this go[?]] To the good of the common-weale[?] Tis two whole Pots, To the best of the Scots, I meane the King himselfe Sir.
    Notes Most of this ballad is missing. Pasted onto the same sheet as EBBA 36203, "A worthy example of a vertuous wife, who fed her father with her owne milke, being / condemned to be famished to death: and after was pardoned by the Emperor."