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Chetham's Library - Halliwell-Phillipps
Ballad XSLT Template
A Song in the Campaigners the words by Mr. Tho: Durfey.
To a tune of Mr. Henry Purcell's.

NEW Reformation,
begins through the Nation,
& our grumbling Sages,
that hope for good wages,
direct us the way:
Sons of the Muses,
then Cloak your abuses;
and least you shou'd trample
on Pious Example,
observe and obey.

Time frenzy Curers,
And Stubborn Non-Jurors,
for want of Diversion;
now Scourge the lewd Times;
they've hinted, they've Printed,
our Vein it profane is,
and worst of all Crimes;
Dull Clod pated Railers,
Smiths, Coblers and Colliers,
have Damn'd all our Rhimes.

Under the Notion,
Of Zeal for Devotion;
The Humour has fir'd 'em,
Or rather inspir'd 'em,
To tutor the Age:
But if in Season,
You'd know the true Reason;
The hopes of Preferment,
Is what makes the Vermin
Now raile at the Stage.

Cuckolds and Canters,
With Scruples and Banters,
The Old Forty-one Peale,
Against Poetry Ring:
But let State Revolvers,
And Treason Absolvers,
Excuse if I sing;
The Rebel that Chuses,
To cry down the Muses,
Wou'd cry down the King.

For the FLUTE

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