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EBBA 36192

Chetham's Library - Halliwell-Phillipps
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A Scotch Song to a Tune of Mr Keen's, exactly engrav'd by Tho: Cross.

Jemmey told his passion in a Courtly phrase;
and on all occasions, flatter'd me with praise;
Sonnets on my Beauty, dayly he'd rehearse;
I was still the Subject of his Verse:
But without dissembling, or the Courtiers arts,
Jockey weeping trembling told his Smart;
yet I him rejected, and his Tears neglected,
till I broke the faithfull Shepheards Heart.

Jemmey in's addresses gayly persever'd,
Till to his embraces I was quite insnar'd;
But the base deceiver when my Heart he had won,
Boasting of my favours from me run:
Thus I unregarded now am left forlorn,
And am weel rewarded for my Scorn;
Jockey fell my victim cause I did reject him,
Therefore Jockey's fate till Death I'll mourn.

For the Flute.

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