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Chetham's Library - Halliwell-Phillipps
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A Scotch SONG Sett by Mr. Daniall Purcell.

Twas in the Month of May Jo,
when Jockey first I spy'd,
he luk'd as fair as day too,
gud gin I'd bin his Bride: Bride:
With Cole black Eyne and Milk whit Hand,
ise ne'er yet saw the like,
I wish I had gin aw my Land,
ise ne'er had seen the like.

He fix'd his Eyne upon me,
With aw the signs of Love,
I'se thought they wou'd gang thro me
So fiercely they did move,
He tuke me in his eager Arms,
I'se made but faint denials,
I'se then alas found aw his Charms,
Woe worth such fatal trials.

The Bonny Lad at last Jo,
Was forc'd tell gang away,
But I'se had eane stuck fast tho,
Full Nine Months from that day,
And now poor Jenneys Maidenhead,
Shame on't they find is lost,
The little brat has aw betray'd,
Was ever lass thus cross'd.

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