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EBBA 36184

Chetham's Library - Halliwell-Phillipps
Ballad XSLT Template
A Scotch Song

Gin thou wert my ene thing,
I wou'd love thee,
I wou'd love thee,
Gin thou wert my ene thing,
So dearly I wou'd love thee:
I wou'd take thee in my Arms,
I'd Secure thee from all Harms,
a-bove all mortals thou hast Charms,
So dearly I do Love thee.

What Charms are those that conquer me,
A slave I find, I still must be,
Divine Creature pitty me,
For dearly do I love thee:
The Gods one thing peculier have,
To ruin none whom they can save,
Then for their sakes support your Slave,
Who only lives to love thee.

Thou hast stole my Heart away,
Oh! those words I never shou'd say,
But if you'l think of me you may,
For dearly I do love thee,
Oh! I never never knew,
What the Pains of Love cou'd do,
Ere I felt those Pains for you,
So dearly do I love thee.

Of Divine race thou needs must be,
Since nothing earthly equals thee,
By Heavns I begg you'll favour me,
For dearly do I love thee,
To merrit I no Claim can make,
But that I love, and for your sake,
What man can do I'll undertake,
So dearly do I love thee,
To shew how constant I will prove,
No wealth on earth shall change my Love,
By all the sacred Powers above,
Most dearly do I love thee.

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