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A new Song set by Mr: Leueridge.
Date Published 1674-1708 ?
Standard Tune
Imprint Sould by Henry Playford at his Shop in the Temple=Chane Fleet-street.
Collection Chetham's Library - Halliwell-Phillips
Location Chetham's Library
Shelfmark H.P.1390
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      Part 1
    Title A new Song set by Mr: Leueridge.
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    First Lines The Sun was Just setting the Reaping was done, & over the Common I tript it alone, when / whom shou'd I meet but Young Dick of our Town, who Swore er'e I went I shou'd
    Refrain He prest me I Stumbled, / He pusht me I tumbled, / He kist me I grumbled, / But still he kist on, / Then rose and went from me as soon as he'ad done.