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EBBA 36180

Chetham's Library - Halliwell-Phillipps
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Song in the last new Comedy call'd
the Marriage Hater Match'd. Set by
Mr. Tho: Tollet. and sung by Mrs. Butler

Bonny Lad prithee lay thy pipe down,
tho blith are thy Notes, they have now no power;
whilst my Joy my dear Peggey is gon,
and Wedded quite from me will love no more;

my good friends that doe ken my grief,
with Songs and Storyes a cure could find:
but Alas! they bring no releif,
for Peggey still runs in my mind.

When I Visit the park or the play,
They are without Peggey a desart seem;
She's before my Eyes are the day,
And are the night long too she haunts my dream;

Sometimes fancying a heaven of charms,
I wak'd and rob'd of my dear delight;
Find she lig's in anothers Arms,
Ha! then 'tis she kills mee out right,

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