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Beinecke Library - Michell-Jolliffe
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The Dying Tears of a penitent Sinner.
Which was written as he lay on his Death-bed, according to his own direction. Wherein we may
behold how stedfastly he believed in the precious Death and passion of our Lord Jesus Christ,
And how willing he was to leave this World.
To the Tune of, The Faithful Friend: or, The Brothers Gift.

DRaw near kind friends and neighbours all,
which now are come to see;
And to bear witness of my death,
give ear a while to me:

I do desire no worldly wealth,
no treasure nor no store;
But I desire Gods heavenly grace,
and I desire no more.

O Gracious God, O Father dear,
in mercy look on me:
And send me comfort from above,
in my extreamity.

To thee, O Lord, I make my moan,
to thee I call and cry:
Strengthen my faith in pangs of death,
against the enemy.

Thou art my only strength and stay,
my Rock, Defence, and Guide:
Direct my steps to come to thee,
so that I may not slide.

Thy promise is, good Lord, that when
a sinner doth intend
Quite to forsake his wicked life,
wherein he doth offend.

Thou wilt forgive, and pardon grant,
for his offences all,
And thou O Lord, wilt hear my voice,
when on thee I do call.

I do confess my sins are great,
and loathsome to behold:
Yet for thy Son Christ Jesus sake,
bring me into thy fold.

The second part; to the same Tune.

LAy not dear Father to my charge,
the things that I have done:
I have broken thy Commandments,
and been a wicked Son.

Servants their Masters will obey,
children their Parents fear,
But I have been a stubborn Son
to thee, O Father, dear.

Ever since I was born, I have
deserv'd thy wrathful i're:
Yet now with true unfeigned tears,
thy mercy I desire.

And if my days on earth again,
were present to begin:
I never would incline to run,
as I have done, in sin.

But time will not recalled be,
which makes my soul lament:
That I have led so vile a life,
I do in heart repent.

O Heavenly God, O Father sweet,
in mercy look on me:
And send me comfort from above,
in this my misery.

Christ Jesus came into the World,
to save and set us free:
As many sinful wretches as
do trust (O Lord) in thee.

He did indure the punishments
which unto us was due:
Because we should shake off our sins,
and learn to live anew.

If we consider of his pains,
and how his time he spent:

It well may make our stony heart,
to soften and relent.

His blessed body for our sins,
did blood and Water sweat:
His very soul did grieve for us,
his torments were so great.

After the Jews had scourged him,
with many wounds beside:
They caus'd dim to bear his Cross on which
he should be Crucified.

And there between two Thieves they plac'd,
our blest Redeemer sweet,
And cruelly upon the Cross,
they nail'd his hands and feet.

A bloody Souldier with his Spear,
did pierce his tender side:
All which Christ Jesus at that time
did patiently abide.

And by his wounds we're made whole,
his blood hath cleansed me:
O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
all praise be given to thee.

And now dear Wife and Children all,
I bid you all adieu:
Serve God, obey the King, and see
you pay each man his due.

Let not your Eyes shed tears for me,
to weep it is in vain:
I trust in Christ, in heaven we shall,
each other see again.

As good old Simeon did forsake
this world, even so do I:
Come Lord, when tis thy blessed will,
I willing am to dye.

Printed for F. Coles, T. Vere, J. Wright, J. Clarke, W. Thackeray, and T. Passinger.

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