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EBBA 35653

Beinecke Library - Broadsides By6
The Wish. / Corrected and augmented with / a Second Part.
Date Published 1691
Author Walter Pope
Standard Tune
License Licensed December 11th. 1691.
Collection Beinecke Library - Broadsides By6
Location Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Shelfmark BrSides By6 1691
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MARC Record
Additional Information
 Part 1Part 2
TitleThe Wish. / Corrected and augmented with / a Second Part.The Second Part.
Tune Imprint
First LinesIF I live to be old, for I find I go down, / Let this be my Fate in a Country Town;Tho' I care not for Riches, may I not be so poor, / That the Rich without shame, cannot enter my Door:
RefrainMay I govern my Passions with an Absolute Sway, / And grow wiser, and better, as my Strength wears away, / Without Gout or Stone, by a gentle Decay.May I, &c. [with variation]
Notes ESTC Author: Walter Pope.

Printed on the recto and verso of a single sheet.