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EBBA 35406

Houghton Library - 25242.68.5
Recording Information
Ballad Title Coridon and Parthenia. / The Languishing Shepherd made Happy. / Or, Faithful Love Rewarded. / Being a most Pleasant and Delectable New Play Song. / Here mournful Love is turn'd into Delight, / To this we a Chast Amorist Invite; / Where Charming Beauty rules its Pow'rs like Death, / To Save or Murder with the self same Breath: / The Noble Swain, whose Youthful Love hath won / So many Nymphs, by Loves was here undone; / Languishing faint, on the Cold Ground he lies, / Until the Sun-shine of Parthenia's eyes, / Dissolv'd the Cloud that did benight his Bliss, / And turn'd his Torments into Paradise.
Tune Imprint To the Tune of, When busie Fame, &c.
Standard Tune Title Busy Fame
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