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Houghton Library - 25242.67
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Bucksome Lass of Westminster,
Her kind proffer of two hundred pound, together with a Cargo of Coals from New-Castle, to any young-
man, that would in kindness help her out at a dead lift.
Tune of, If Love's a sweet Passion. Licensed according to Orde.

YOu lusty young Batchelors pray now attend,
Here is joyful good tydings which to you I send;
In the City of Westminster lives a fair Maid,
Who has two hundred pound to her Portion 'is said:
Any Young-Man may have it if he'll open her hole,
But it lies at New-Castle, and all in Sea-Cole.

She told a young-man whom she lov'd as her life,
That she had a desire to be his sweet Wife,
And intreated that he would be loving and kind,
Then an excellent Fortune of her he should find,
If he would be but willing to open her hole,
He should have all her Money likewise her Sea-Cole.

He fain would have finger'd her Money, we find;
But to love her, alas! he was no ways inclind,
Though she often had kiss'd him, and call'd him her Dear,
Yet the innocent Damsel was never the near;
He refused, it seems, for to open her hole,
Though he might have her Money, and all her Sea-Cole.

If any young Gallant her Love would obtain,
For to languish and lye at her feet is in vain,
Or to tell her you're wounded with Darts from her Eyes,
Such a sort of fond wooing she'll scorn and despise;
You must kiss her, and hug her, and open her hole,
Then she'll give you her Money, and all her Sea Cole.

It seems she is beautiful charming and fair,
And as plump as a Doe, with fine delicate Ware;
Should you search the whole City of Westminster round,
A young Lass more delightful is not to be found;
Come away then some Gallant and open her hole,
You may have all her money, likewise her Sea-cole.

She'll not have a Man that is aged and grey,
That shall cause her, when marry'd, to wander astray;
But she'll have a brisk Gallant, both brawny and stout,
That at half an hours warning can yerk her about;
That can hug her, and kiss her, and open her hole,
He shall have all her Money, likewise her Sea-cole.

Young Gallants why will you stand in your own light,
When a beautiful Lass does so friendly invite,
And intreat you to taste of those Amorous Charms,
Which are now to be found in her soft melting Arms:
Make no longer delaying, come open her hole,
You shall have all her money, likewise her Sea-cole.

That man that will pity her sorrowful moan,
Though he has not a Groat in the World of his own,
He shall soon be invested with her happy store,
Though it was above twenty or thirty times more,
If he will be but willing to open her hole,
He shall have all her money, likewise her Sea-cole.

Whoever comes to her may have the reward,
Though a Tinker, nay, Cobler, or Taylor, good Lord,
So he has but the absolute parts of a Man,
And will do his indeavour as much as he can,
For to kiss her, and hug her, and open her hole,
He shall have all her money, likewise her Sea-cole.

Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare,
and J. Back.

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