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Houghton Library - Huth EBB65H
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Credulous Virgins com-
plaint. Or, Lovers made Happy at last.
Being a Caution to the Female Sex.
Being a most pleasant new Song in two parts, With the Youngmans kind Answer.
Caelia complains Virgins are oft too kind,
The which she did by late experience find,
For yielding unto Damon she does prove
That hasty pleasures are the bain of Love;
But in the Tempest of her wounding grief,
Damon comes in and yields her kind relief:
But vows renew, and at last both are wed,
Though he before had got her Maiden-head.
To the Tune of Sawny will never be my Love again.

COme hearken to me young Maidens all,
And hear what a Story I shall tell,
The which to our Sex does often befall,
Though we in beauty and vertue excell.
Yet we are apt to be lead astray,
When tempting young men with vows betray:
We do surrender on what they say,
So 'twas fondness that parted my Love and I.

When he began to swear he did love;
And gave me a kiss on the under Lip,
Vowing he ever would faithful prove
Then in his Arms he did me clip.
And told me that I should be his Bride,
So that him nothing I denyed,
But that Tune chang'd when he had try'd
So 'twas fondness that parted my Love and I.

After my willing Armes I did fold,
To grasp him close unto my brest,
He unto marriage still grew cold
And would not hear ought of it express'd.
Though before he often did cry
Caelia fo[r] love of thee I die,
All things for thee I will defie.
But 'twas fondness etc.

For when as my blooming Rose-buds he
Had gathered from the Stalk so fair,
Then he would not purchase the Tree,
But bid me all marriage thoughts forbear.
Of pleasure when he'd had his fill,
To stay him my tears could not prevaile:
But had I been coy i'd had him still.
For 'twas fondness that parted my Love and I.

When as I did urge his former vow,
He said I pleaded but all in vain,
If i'd by him be tempted now,
Others when married might do the same.
So he left me with shame and grief
For to bewaile my easie belief,
And hard hearted man would yield no relief,
For 'twas fondness that parted my Love and I.

Therefore young maidens warning take
And believe not men what they do say,
For they a thousand vows will break
Your easie Nature to betray.
And when they've done they'l leave to cares
Possessed with a thousand fears,
For will they at all regard your Tears.
For 'twas fondness that parted my Love and I.

The Youngmans Answer to the Maids Complaint.

COmplain now no more my Love, for I
Have heard at last and do pitty thee,
What I did it's true was for to try,
But since thou hast been so kind to me,
I repent of what I have done,
Nor shalt thou now be left alone.
Cease then my Dear come cease thy moan.
Such fondness shan't part my Love and I.

My vows to thee I do renew,
And promise forever to be thine
Henceforth to me be thou but true,
And we in wedlock soon will joyn.
No Gold nor Silver shall e'r part
Nor all the Indias move my Heart
From my vows of Love to start.
No fondness etc.

What and if thou did yield to me,
Thy Chastity does still remain,
To marry each other we did agree,
Therefore my dearest do not complain.
For thy beauty is such a dower
As might make Jove lay by his power,
And descend in a Golden shower.
Then no fondness etc.

Come now shake off thy Cloud of sorrow
And blush no more at what is done,
For we'l joyn hearts and hands tomorrow,
Though Gold and Silver we have none,
Yet true love shall supply that scant,
And where that is they never want,
Therefore my dear cease thy complaint.
For thy fondness shan't part my Love and I.

Printed for P. Brooksby at the Golden Ball in West-Smithfield.

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