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Houghton Library - Huth EBB65H
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A Serious Discourse between two Lovers.
This Song will teach young Men to woo,
And shew young Maidens what to do;
Nay it will learn them to be cunning too,
To the Tune of, When Sol will cast no Light, Or, Deep in Love.
J. Wade.

MY pretty little Rogue
do but come hither,
With thee Ile not collogue,
if thoult consider,
Tht paines for thee Ive took,
Cupid so wounded me,
Bur now Ime in the Brook,
if thou dost not love me.

Ile forsake all my Kin,
Father and Mother
I value not a Pin,
or any other,
Tis only thy sweet face,
the which doth move me.
And I think thou hast some grace,
and thoult love me.

Riches Ile promise none,
nor no great Treasure,
Because Ile do no wrong,
to thee my Pleasure;
But all that ere I have
thou shalt command it,
And Ile maintain thee brave,
thoust understand it,

My Word nor yet my Oath
shall not be broken,
Then take this suggared kiss
in sign of Loves Token.
My heart is firm and true,
then let pity move thee,
Ile not seek for a new,
if thoult but love me.

The Maid.
GOod Sir I thank you fine
for what is spoken,
But alls non gold that shines,
and as for your token,
I shall not it receive,
though you do prove me,
My joy thoult nere bereave,
for I cannot love thee.

Young men can swear and lie,
but who will believe them.
All goodness they defie,
and it nere grieves them.
Only to tempt a Maid
by their delusion,
Therefore I am afraid
twill breed confusion.

A Maid had need beware
that doth mean honest,
Lest she fall in a snare,
when they do promise;
For theyle vow and sware
theyle never leave you,
But when they know your mind,
then theyle deceive you.

Therefore I will be wise,
lest I be taken,
In a fools Paradice,
and then be forsaken,
Ile put no trust in man
to one nor other,
Let them do what they can,
ift were my brother.

The Man.
My Dear you do but jest,
I may boldly speak it,
Of all I love thee best,
prithee so take it,
There is no flesh alive,
ever shall move me;
If thou wilt be my wife,
Ile dearly love thee.

Servants on thee shall tend,
and come at thy pleasure,
For I will be thy friend,
to bring thee Treasure.
What canst thee wish for more?
then do but prove me,
And thou shalt plainly find
how dear I love thee.

For means thou shalt not want,
if I do gain thee.
I have good house and land,
for to maintain thee.

I have good Sheep ith field,
and Beasts thats proving.
All is at thy command,
if thoult be loving.

Ile give thee gold my Dear,
Ile give thee Mony,
Then thou needs not to fear,
Ile be thy honey.
No Lady in the Land,
ever shall move me,
Thoult have my heart and hand,
if thoult but love me.

The Maid.
Your words are very fair,
I much commend you,
Seeing you are so rare,
thus Ile befriend you.
Though at first I was coy,
twas but to prove thee,
Yet now Ile be thy joy,
and dearly love thee.

The Young man hearing this,
by the hand took her,
The bargain seald with a kiss,
he nere forsook her,
But strait to Church they went,
things were so carried,
He gave his Love content,
when they was married.

Thus all young Maids may find,
young man are honest,
If they bear the like mind,
true to their promise.
But if they falsifie,
who can believe them,
And when they have lost their Loves,
then it doth grieve them.

London, Printed for W. Thackeray, T. Passenger, and W. Whitwood.

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