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EBBA 34650

Houghton Library - Huth EBB65H
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Oppertunity Lost, Or
The Scotch Lover Defeated.
Here Willy followes Peggy still
But ner'e attains to have his will
His slowness caus'd the hasty Maid
To call a Miller to her ayd:
Who nimbler than her Lover seaz'd
And straight her hasty passion eas'd.
To a pleasent Northern tune. With Allowance.

THere was a Lass in our Town
Slea Willy Stenson
He lov'd a Lass was bonny and brown
Twas pretty Peggy Benson.

Each morn as he gang'd to the field
Slea Willy Stenson
He wa'd some proof of kindness yeild
To plretty Peggy Benson.

Her Beauty sea his heart had fier'd
Slea Willy Stenson
He coud not tell what he desir'd
Of pretty Peggy Benson.

He followed her through Kirk and Kie
Slea Willy Stenson,
But gard not yet declare his weell
To pretty Peggy Benson.

But once upon a Summer day
Slea Willy Stenson,
He gang'd abroad a making hay
with pretty Peggy Benson.

He blith and bonny was that day
Slea Willy Stenson,
Cause he might wanton in the hay
with pretty Peggy Benson.

Quo he, dict Lass i'de ligg thee down
Slea Willy Stenson,
An 'twon't for moyling thy green gown,
my pretty Peggy Benson.

The Lass reply'd it cost thee naught
Slea Willy Stenson,
Then ligg me down and spare me not
Quo pretty Peggy Benson.

Gad quo the Lad, ise tell thee what
Slea Willy Stenson,
Ise ene gang heam, and fetch my Cleak
for pretty Peggy Benson.

He went heam, and came agen
Slea Willy Stenson,
But he found a Miller on her wem
Oh filthy Peggy Benson.

He wisht his Cleak had been ith fire
Slea Willy Stenson,
Sen he had lost his hearts desire
And pretty Peggy Benson.

She bade him come another day
Slea Willy Stenson,
She left him sad and tript away
O naughty Peggy Benson.

Printed for P. Brooksby in West-Smithfield.

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